Trail Shoes

Trail Shoes

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10/03/2006 at 17:02
My Sunday long run takes in some roads but mostly tracks /trial etc.

I am looking for a pair of off road shoes that will also be ok for running on roads for short distances.

If it helps i am a neutral runner (like xc spikes i don't know if that makes a difference.

any help would be great.

10/03/2006 at 17:15
I use NB 906. They've got more cushioning and support than most trail shoes, so they're fine on the roads too. Not the best for fell running or thick mud, but great for trails/canal tow paths etc.
10/03/2006 at 17:19
Thoroughly recommended

NB 871 - for the real off road stuff (fell etc)

NB 781 - for an on off/road mix

Don't run too far (5k+) on the road as trail shoes have some of the cushioning removed. I liked mine so much I wore them all the time and got injured.
10/03/2006 at 17:20
Keith. I've bought a few pairs of Helly Hansen Trail Beaters, they are fantastic.

I think you can find them on offer on the net now. They were 80 quid, but the last pair I got a few week ago were 50.

Also think about the Brooks Adrenaline ASR
10/03/2006 at 17:20
NIke Air Storm Pegasus are good for on/off road too (plus waterproof uppers)
10/03/2006 at 17:22
Cheers lads.

Its no more than about 10 mins in total for the whole run on roads.
11/03/2006 at 09:57
NB 871's. Brilliant. Easily manage with 10mins on the road and 10 hours on the trail. I'm off out in them right now.
11/03/2006 at 12:46
can anyone explain the NB product naming system to me? One day I may even buy a pair of their shoes and the 871's sound great, but I cant make any sense of how they name their products... seems to be numbers at random.
11/03/2006 at 13:26

Generally the first digit indicates the superdooperness of the shoe ; finish, protection,comfort (and price !!) etc

eg 3-5 are very basic (not for running)
so most NB running shoes are 7-9 ; with the four figure numbers, it's the first two digits so 10-12 are very plush

The exceptions are the older "heritage" or retro brands which have been retained by public demand eg 577 is a superb running shoe despite the number.

When NB shoes are upgraded the usually add one on NB 854 became 855 and then 856. Totally new shoes just fit into the general system and pick up a vacant number
11/03/2006 at 15:19
thanks OOK
11/03/2006 at 16:51
Excellent brand - totally indestrucible and as yet not a trendy item worn by the fashionistas or chavs with an extremely loyal following ...somebody has a thread here to petition NB to continue the 854 which has just achieved sainthood :>}

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