vibram five fingers - are there any retailers in the uk? plz help

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27/07/2012 at 16:55

I've been running barefoot and now my distances are gradually increasing I want to buy some vibram five fingers - trouble is none of the running shops stock them (and we all know why that is!), sports direct don't answer the phone so I can't find out if they stock them

does anybody know a uk retailer (I live in manchester) where I can try a pair on

no use me ordering off ebay or online to find out they don't fit or are uncomfortable


Help apprecited



27/07/2012 at 17:32
Snow and rock?
27/07/2012 at 17:40



And loads more here,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&fp=a690e8de116ec824&biw=1280&bih=627


27/07/2012 at 17:50
I saw them in snow and rock today
27/07/2012 at 18:01

Start Fitness in Newcastle sell 'em - also John Lewis seem to be selling Vivobarefoot according to their website...


27/07/2012 at 18:22

just tried snow and rock numbers, haven't got my size - also tried runners need which is part of them - right size but wrong model - i'm after the kso's

I have to got out for a couple of hours if you can keep the ideas comming I would really appreciate it, thanks


Edited: 27/07/2012 at 18:22
27/07/2012 at 19:10

Check Start Fitness - they had KSOs in the store I think, so you should get 'em on their site...

28/07/2012 at 07:45
Their website has a store-locator page.
28/07/2012 at 10:23

found a pair in soletrader traf centre m/c - i'll go and try a pair this afty (yippie!)


28/07/2012 at 10:24

thanks for suggestions, by the way!

31/07/2012 at 08:47
One of the larger, more hard-core climbing and walking shops in Keswick sells originals, along with a really good range of minimalist running shoes (not Planet Fear - it has a rather anonymous name that I can't remember). Think they also had the KSOs.

The ones I got through Amazon were definitely genuine. I would recommend not buying from Ebay: too many counterfeits.

If you've got Egyptian shaped toes, no bunions and fairly average arches (a lot of ifs), it's a fairly safe bet that you'll get ones that fir if you follow the sizing instructions on Vibram's website.

I've never seen a running shop that stocked them, although the Up & Running in Keswick had those even more minimalist toe-shoes that seem to be made of latex or gel.
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02/08/2012 at 22:34
Nick Windsor 4 wrote (see)

Ann Summers in the Arndale are selling Vibrating Fingers if they are any use


Nick Windsor 4 wrote (see)

Ann Summers in the Arndale are selling Vibrating Fingers if they are any use


Nick Windsor 4 wrote (see)

Ann Summers in the Arndale are selling Vibrating Fingers if they are any use

Do they come with instructions? - I think my wife wants a pair


02/08/2012 at 22:36

dunno how that happened, Think I might have pressed the wrong button!

13/08/2013 at 10:45

Naked Ape in Sheffield have a big range of Vibram Fivefingers shoes. You can try them on instore or order them online at

18/08/2013 at 11:23

Seen a pair in Sole in Trafford centre next to Selfridges (upstairs)



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