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Two choices within 50 yards!

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07/10/2005 at 16:44
Driving down Blackburn Rd, Bolton the other day I noticed that Tobutt Sports is now advertising video gait analysis. I believe the proprietor is veteran of 100 marathons ! The shop is a some 50 yards or so from Paul Freary's excellent Foot Traffic.
I think we are very fortunate to now have 2 shops doing this in Bolton,(have only used Foot Traffic for this though).
Anyway just a bit of public information guys.
07/10/2005 at 17:23
I also noticed this a short while ago and made enquiries at Tobutt Sports. Turns out he doesn't have video analysis at all!
He had a treadmill and said he would watch me, if he was around, but he wasn't going to be when i planned on visiting, so on the recommendation of a friend realised that anybody could do that and tell me anything.
I think the real point of the video analysis is that you can see for yourself the difference between various shoes.
I then went to Foot Traffic, whos service was, as you say, excellent. Both the guys in there were great and the set up they have was amazing.

Only one choice for me - Foot Traffic!
08/10/2005 at 10:17
Interesting, thanks. On reflection I think the ad board said "gait analysis" rather than video. I made an incorrect assumption!
I agree it is excellent to see for yourself -which is exactly what I did at Foot Traffic.
Stump    pirate
10/10/2005 at 19:32
I'll pop in to foot traffic then. I'm a Bolton ex-pat but sometimes drop over to see the outlaws.

Is there a Bolton 10k? Other than the Horwich jobbies.
11/10/2005 at 12:39
I travel over to Bolton from Liverpool to go to Foot Traffic, never been sold a bum steer yet. Best advice around i reckon.

On way back soon to get the winter spikes.
13/10/2005 at 16:07
There is a Bolton 10K usually in April.
Stump    pirate
14/10/2005 at 08:23
I fancy the big Manc 10k next year so with any luck the Bolton one will be a good warm up for it.

What's to course like? Flat or what?

Ahh I can almost smell the gravy!
14/10/2005 at 12:13
There's a couple of climbs in the Bolton 10K one about 100 m long and the other perhaps 400m -the second just after 5K -none of them are too bad though and there are a couple of decent downhill stretches to compensate. First mile or so is nice and flat
15/10/2005 at 13:59
Another trip to Foot Traffic, another example of knowledgeable and great service.
15/10/2005 at 17:56
Went to Foot Traffic a couple of weeks ago. Great service. Recommend them to anyone.
17/10/2005 at 15:33
Tobutts isn't a running shop, it's ok if you want to kit your kids out for school sports, plenty of cricket whites!!
Calf    pirate
18/10/2005 at 14:31
If you want a 10k do the burden 10k...its like running a bliddy mountain, and you have to do it twice!
Stump    pirate
28/11/2005 at 20:48
Have been to Foot Traffic. Spot on, even for a muppet like me.

I was impressed with the effort they put in. I didn't feel like I was being encouraged to buy the expensive stuff. No hurry and a good job.

Would recommend them.
30/11/2005 at 12:59
Where in Bolton is Foot Traffic? I'm from Blackburn (no heckling!) and might have a drive over this weekend.
30/11/2005 at 14:09
It's on Blackburn Rd (A666) near the Adsa.

Well worth a visit, make sure Mr Freary assistant brews up for you while you're there!!
30/11/2005 at 14:16
there's a map on foot traffics web site

Don't forget the Lostock 6 Sunday 26th Feb
30/11/2005 at 19:19
Great thanks for that. Tried to find the website and ended up looking at one for speciality socks!
Lostock 6 is recommended then?
Stump    pirate
30/11/2005 at 19:47
Check out the x-socks at foot traffic. Really good.

Straight up A666, bind right onto blackburn rd, Mercedes on right. Straight up and there is a pelican just before an Asda on left. They are there. Park on asda! If you see Tobutts on right you've gone too far.
01/12/2005 at 08:14
I haven't forgotten the Lostock 6 -entry in the post today.
For those who never done it -it's worth a go.
02/12/2005 at 08:12
It's a good race martymcfly and the 2006 Lostock 6 will be the 24th.

It's a good course with a good hill half way round!

and if you break the course record there's £100 (male) and £50 (female) to be had!!
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