Warning about flip flops

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16/10/2003 at 15:17
But if the pins stick into you make your feet bleed after running 10K, will you then wear then in a 1/2 marathon?
16/10/2003 at 15:17
Yes, but I'd try replacing the drawing pins with 6 inch nails to see if that made them better.
16/10/2003 at 15:18
Then write a letter of complaint to the manufacturer I hope
16/10/2003 at 15:19
I think that RW is going to provide a complete, tried and true review of all flip flops, plif plofs, and indeed slop sligs in next month's mag.

Along with the pants reviews, of course!
16/10/2003 at 15:22

Under the headline "Racing Flats"
16/10/2003 at 15:25
with the pins as spikes of course. x-country flip flops then?
16/10/2003 at 15:27
Try kicking one off your foot and across the room.

It goes... fliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip flop.

16/10/2003 at 15:38
To whom it may concern,

I am a serious flip flop wearer and have been walking about in flip flops for several years. I took Waapster's advice and kicked one off my foot and across the room. It actually went fliiiiiiiiiiiip thwack as it hit one of my work collegues right between the eyes.

As a result I have now got two black eyes, a broken nose and several teeth knocked out of my mouth.

You have been warned.
18/10/2006 at 08:57
Sorry - I had to......
18/10/2006 at 09:01
19/10/2006 at 19:37
Best old boinged thread I've read. I nearly pee'd my pants.

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