Warning about Saucony Vision Shoes

Saucony Visions badly damaged my feet

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16/10/2003 at 18:06
Before I retire for the evening and put on my smoking jacket in an effort to contemplate tommorrows warnings, I feel I must comply with an incredible urge to warn you all about Nike TechnicaL Tights!!!

See you tommorrow.

16/10/2003 at 18:29
Walkman - don't know what a short 10k is - but sounds like you're about to find out about a short something else tomorrow......
Plum    pirate
16/10/2003 at 18:58
Im off to find a short 10k so i can improve my pb. One of about 8k should do it!
16/10/2003 at 19:00

But then you won't get past 4k will you?

Agree with others - best thread, best laugh for ages . .
16/10/2003 at 19:31
oh dear

have had a horrible day

but wiping away tears of laughter now

and woken my kids up with my guffaws

thanks guys
16/10/2003 at 21:50
I like my X-scocks, particularly the complex fitting instructions!
16/10/2003 at 21:53
Mark Derry is going into my hero bag with the rest of my collection.

Takes a big man to come back, Mark...

17/10/2003 at 06:38
Mark, glad you saw the funny side of it all. Hope you hang around here for ages.
17/10/2003 at 07:37
Without wishing to prolong Mark's agony further, there is one question I need to ask. Did you really wear the shoes as described? If so,

17/10/2003 at 07:37
and what the hell are X-socks?
17/10/2003 at 07:42
fat face
Scouse mouse is looking for you
17/10/2003 at 10:52
Thanks Hippo, I found him. It's a clubmate who I told about these forums on Tuesday, so he's just signed up. Knowing him, he'll win the £100 worth of Asics kit.
17/10/2003 at 11:02
FF - have you heard of an X-box?

Well, they're nothing like that.
17/10/2003 at 11:05
Are they the ones worn by Patrick Stewart?
17/10/2003 at 11:06
was there 23 other types before they finally got them right?
17/10/2003 at 12:24
I've got a pair of X-socks - and very nice they are too. I'll draw them for ya later once the docs let me have the pencils back
17/10/2003 at 12:29
x-socks are the db's in a socky sort of way
17/10/2003 at 12:41
so x-socks-rocks?
17/10/2003 at 12:42
That they do, cock.
17/10/2003 at 13:16
The great thing about x-socks (apart from being rather good to run in) is that they have a big 'L' on the one for your Left foot, and an 'R' for the Right foot.

Saves hours of thinking about which one to put on which foot!

Like car parks really - just 1 place left, fine - dozens of spaces, which to choose?
61 to 80 of 180 messages
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