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08/03/2006 at 18:18
I can't understand why, as yet there's been no review od the Polar AXN500 on this site. Whilst I realise that it has altimeter and barometer functions on it and many would therefore consider it an "activity" rather than running watch, it does a great deal more

It looks the part straight away. The display is clear, concise and not cluttered. The standard functions i.e watch, stopwatch, countdown timer and alarms do exactly what they say on the tin. The same can be said for the barometer, altimeter and compass. The activity recorder is a real bonus. On other watches I have had - a Timex - the data recorder was a separate piece of kit altogether; on the Polar it's integrated in the main watch housing - the watch also comes with the Polar WearLink HRM - comfy! All you do is switch to that mode and press the start button. At the end of the activity press stop twice - once to pause, once to stop, and then the fun begins. You can view all the data numerically on the watch for an instant feedback....or...you can transfer the data to a Nokia 5140i phone via infrared and get a graphical readout....or transfer the data to your computer and you can then analyse it in all the modes that the software that comes with the watch will allow.
The memory storage can be varied to take readings every 5,15,60 or 300 secs. Training for a trek to Kilimanjaro I used the watch on runs on the road, workouts in the gym indoor rowing and on walks on Dartmoor. When downloaded I can see how my heartrate is affected by the terrain covered and, comparing similar workouts, see any improvement. It's EASY to use, and gives TREMENDOUS feedback.
The ONLY weakness I feel is that the barometer and altimeter functions have to be specified as only one can operate at a time.
It's not the smallest of watches to have on your wrist - especially when you add the face protector as well - but when there, you don't really notice it. You have a quality timepiece and data recorder that ISN'T just another gadget. It's a serious piece of kit that is really worth a look ....especially as the price has dropped in many places by about £125.00 and is now down to £125.00

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