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09/09/2006 at 18:52
Thought id ask the question as we near the cold season... is there any essentials to what gear people have for the winter?
10/09/2006 at 08:46
I don't tend to don my winter gear til about November time - I get hot ridiculously early. And then it tends to be tights, hat and gloves for the first 10 minutes and they soon come off, long sleeve top - that's it really.
10/09/2006 at 09:39
Ahh well depends where you are in the country! :)
10/09/2006 at 09:50
I was looking at some of the concurve stuff which looked quite good. Thing is, what is a decent top that is water proof but is breathable enough so its not too hot inside?
10/09/2006 at 12:02
You won't find a water 'proof' top, but the dri-fit stuff is resistant enough for not to be uncomfortable.
10/09/2006 at 20:11
thermal top - preferably short sleeved (hard to find, cut off arms if necessary)
long or mid-length tights (depending on weather)
hat (!)
gloves (!)
start the run with a long-sleeved top on top and take it off after a few minutes (tie around waist) and put on again for cool-down and stretch. (Or keep on if particularly cold/nasty)
I do have a light wind jacket but hardly wear it.

But I must say that my runs at the moment are no longer than an hour.
10/09/2006 at 20:44
I have a friend in his 70's who still runs every morning in shorts.
The only concession he makes for his age is he now wears a long sleeve top instead of a vest (but only because his wife wouldn't let him out otherwise).

I run in either lycra shorts or long bottoms, long sleeve top with a short sleeve base underneath. And definitely gloves as I suffer from cold hands.
10/09/2006 at 20:54
I couldn't do without my Ron Hill tracksters for the really chilly days (live far far up North). Also find a thin breathable gilet comes in handy for when it's not really cold enough for jacket.
12/09/2006 at 22:38
Well i was thinking of gloves, tights and a hat... i have a base layer and was thinking of adding a concurve (or similiar top) to that for the bleak days. Plus it will come in handy for biking.

Dustboy    pirate
12/09/2006 at 22:49
Ronhill tights, Mizuno Breathe Thermo long sleeve top which is the best thing since sex, or Ford Mustangs, cycling ear fleece and Lewis kit Grippy gloves.
cougie    pirate
13/09/2006 at 10:55
Deffo long sleeve Helly or similar. Gilet is good.

If you get gloves - just get the cheap wooly ones. If you're like me - you'll have them off within mins of setting off and then either lose them or not bother with them again. Tuck your hands in your sleeves if they're cold.

Same with hats - usually too hot for those.

Shorts are fine for me too.
13/09/2006 at 12:11
Yeah i think i would rather be cold than warm like... mind last year it didnt snow for ages up north...
13/09/2006 at 13:25
shorts most of the time in winter except if it gets sub-zero and I might then slap some tights on.........

and a long sleeve top with either a vest, t, or gilet over depending on the weather..........

thin hat and gloves if needed

once you get warmed up, you will be fine.......the biggest problem I find is wind chill on sweaty areas but as long as you keep working it's not an issue.......

13/09/2006 at 19:59
Yeah thats a good point FB... i think its trial and error isnt it really?
14/09/2006 at 10:42
yep - trial and error........and what clean kit is lying around!!
14/09/2006 at 12:19
lol yeah :)

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