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04/04/2014 at 17:59
Scott Pulley wrote (see)

Hi Susan,

My question would be what does your diet look like on a typical day?

Hi Scott 

Breakfast: Cereal, fresh juice, coffee

Lunch: Sandwich and yoghurt or snack (cereal bar, chocolate, banana, etc..), coffee

Afternoon coffee and a snack if I’m hungry

Dinner: I’m not a great cook but I home cook my food. It’s nothing special, pasta, rice, potatoes, meat, fish, veg, omelette, etc. then yoghurt, fruit or some sort of pudding for a treat

I don’t over think my diet. I eat when I’m hungry and drink when I’m thirsty and I have pretty much what I want in moderation.

Thank for your question!

04/04/2014 at 18:04
Slowkoala wrote (see)

Susan, when marathon training, typically how many runs of 18+ miles do you do in the  four months before the marathon? And how fast do you do your long runs compared with your marathon pace? Do you do any runs over 22 miles in training?

Hi SlowKoala

I work to time rather than miles. I’d probably do 4/5 2hrs runs, 2-3 2:15 runs and 1-2 2:30 runs in the 4 months preceding the marathon but it depends on how often I race, etc. My training and the number of long runs is adapted to each build up and depends on the races/travel I have planned and what I feel I need to work on.

However, I would run 1:45 to 2hrs throughout the year not just in a marathon build up. 

I doubt I’d do much more than 22 miles in 2:30, which is the longest duration I would run. 

I run them as I feel as I don't do strict routes or use a GPS watch but they are probably typically 45secs to 1min30 slower than marathon pace. 


04/04/2014 at 18:05
marrows wrote (see)

I want to know what her PhD is about!

Hi Marrows

I study hip replacements. It’s medical engineering. 

04/04/2014 at 18:18
Miss Kovich wrote (see)

Hi Susan, I know the complete marathon training plan consists of many different disciplines, but what do you consider to be the most effective way to train for speed endurance and are there specific sessions you would particularly recommend;  all my race stats over every distance - including 20 miles - suggest a marathon time which is almost 10 minutes quicker than I have ever managed and I need to find a way to fulfil my potential.  Thanks!

Hi Miss Kovich

It’s difficult to offer advice without knowing what you are already doing but in my experience when people aren't happy with their marathon times they try to do more, which may just make you more tired without making you run faster. Mileage is the marathon runner’s safety net and for the most part it works pretty well but sometimes it’s worth having the confidence to reduce your training and increase the intensity. What works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another but, for me, the session I wouldn’t do without is my short tempo. I run hard for 15-30mins. These should feel like you’re really pushing yourself, too long and you’ll just end up running slowly. I mention some of the other sessions I do in my answer to Stevie G. 

I think that what ever training plan you chose to follow, the key is making sure that your quality sessions stay quality. It's o.k. to feel tired during a marathon build up but not so tired that every day is a slog. Don't be tempted to run everything slowly just to get big mileage. 

Also, I wouldn't beat yourself up too much – 10 minutes in the marathon is no big deal! It’s very hard to get exactly right. I'm sure a faster time is in you somewhere.  


04/04/2014 at 18:25

Thanks everyone for your questions. 

I hope I didn't miss anyone and that you got the answers you were looking for. 

I'm no expert on training/nutrition etc but I'm happy to share my experience. I hope it helps.

Good luck! 

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