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05/11/2012 at 10:19

I've never looked for a 10 mile race.  The 5k and 10k distances are popular as they are well known track distances (so benefit from the "Olympics effect" etc), even though they are run on the road.  Then the half-marathon seems an obvious stepping stone to the full marathon.

I guess if someone was to organise one in the local area I might be tempted - but its not a distance I've felt I "had" to run as a reasonable keen amateur runner.  I think if I saw one advertised I'd wonder why they couldn't stretch it to 13.1 miles.


05/11/2012 at 10:46

it's a great distance. and one of the nice things about 10-milers is they tend to be smaller, more local events - often with decent countryside, hills thrown in to boot. also a good distance to do if your really targetting the HM.

07/11/2012 at 16:18

Wellington 10 in Somerset. A great distance and mainly on quiet roads so not a lot of traffic. Undulating though, but a great event.

Normally runs in July.

07/11/2012 at 17:27

I can't see any reason why a 10M race couldn't attract a big field if you had a route that could accommodate it

I think most current 10-milers attract the size of field they're comfortable with
i.e. they limit numbers to what the course will take, don't advertise much, and fill up on word of mouth - e.g. in my neck of the woods (North West) there's Preston, St. Annes, Great Warford, Wagon & Horses (Lancaster), Sale, Snake Lane, Llandudno, Penmaenpool, Caldervale, Derwentwater, Swinton

Brampton To Carlisle and Stockport are probably the two biggest that I know about, and even they limit to 1000 entrants.

 I imagine there are plenty of people who've run a 10k, who maybe see the step up to Half-Mara as a bit daunting, would jump at a 10M
it would just need the right emphasis in advertising, which would be easier to achieve for a newly created race

Edited: 07/11/2012 at 17:33
07/11/2012 at 18:30

Another vote for 10 milers from me! It's a great distance to race, especially if you still think in imperial measurements and measure your runs in miles rarher than kilometers! As others have said, there's something about the mathematical neatness of trying to break the hour for 10 miles, that just isn't the same as, say 37:18 for a 10k or 1:18:39 for a half!

They've also got the added advantage of being a bit rarer, so your ranking looks better!!

One thing from my own pespective though, is that 10 miler is all about the time for me, whereas I'm happy to do more challenging (ie hilly) course for halves, 10ks etc I would only consider doing a relatively flat 10 mile course, like Maidenhead, GSR, Cabbage Patch or Bramley.


07/11/2012 at 19:22
baldbloke wrote (see)

it's a great distance. and one of the nice things about 10-milers is they tend to be smaller, more local events - often with decent countryside, hills thrown in to boot. also a good distance to do if your really targetting the HM.

I understand this mentality if the distance is something like 6miles, or 12.5miles. You wonder why they didn't just make it the standard distance, especially if it's a road race.

But a 10miler is a completely different distance to a half. It's a standard distance, albeit it just raced less.

Camlo    pirate
07/11/2012 at 21:18
Good distance to check how endurance is building - especially for slower or new runners (marshy I do not think I have a sub hour 10m in me).
Rhayader club have the ??lan valley 10 on Nov 17th which always scores well on the RW site and has a core of competitors who return yr after yr.
08/11/2012 at 09:01

I love 10 milers as well. Not quite such a sprint as a 10k but I can definitely push it a bit more than for a half.

I'm on Bucks / Herts borders so were quite well catered for with the Fred Hughes 10 (St Albans), Pednor 10 (Chesham) and Ricky Road Run (Rickmansworth) all quite close by.  They are all relatively small events in nice countryside with a few hills.  The biggest is Fred Hughes with 700 people.  Ricky more like 300 and Pednor just over 100.

Personally I love smaller races - quicker to get in and out and nicer at the start.  I wouldn't do something like the Great South Run - just too many people for me.

Cheerful Dave    pirate
08/11/2012 at 12:19

There are two races that start within half a mile of my house, both 10 milers (Tadworth & Epsom).  Dorking 10 isn't far away either.  A few hundred at each, decent races all of them.  None are flat though, although the new Dorking course is pretty close.  Split between that an HM as my favourite distance.

08/11/2012 at 13:20

I tend to run around 10 miles every weekend when preparing for a half marathon and would love to be able to do some of this training by taking part in some 10 mile events...sadly there aren't any close by.   

08/11/2012 at 19:15

I really like racing 10 miles and would like more opportunity to do so. However I tend to stay away from "big" races because of the over-crowding, but largely because they are a rip off. So, more of them please, but keep them to a race limit of about 600.

08/11/2012 at 19:23

I'm just about to run my first 10 mile race in a few weeks. Initially I just saw 10 in the title and signed up, thinking it was a 10k. Whoops.

However, now I'm looking forward to it. A significant jump from a 10k but not so long that training takes over my life.

08/11/2012 at 21:10
DazTheSlug wrote (see)
 I imagine there are plenty of people who've run a 10k, who maybe see the step up to Half-Mara as a bit daunting, would jump at a 10M

Yup, that's me exactly. I run for general fitness and enjoyment, with no specific training programme. I did my first 10M last weekend - the Flying Fox 10 in Standon, Staffordshire. A small local race, only 200 finishers. I aimed for 1:45, would have been really pleased with 1:40, and achieved 1:39, so I was well pleased with my efforts. I shall certainly be seeking out more 10 mile races in the NW, as well as continuing with 10ks, and use them to see if I feel up to a 1/2 Marathon.

08/11/2012 at 23:28
10m is a great distance (just to echo what's already been said). Perfect for most club runners who can easily run 10k but haven't trained for a half. I'm in for snake lane next year for my first attempt at breaking the hour (62:02 my current PB at Eccup). My favourite has to be Guy Fawkes 10 at Ripley, the only race I definitely do every year.
09/11/2012 at 12:29

Thanks for all your comments, its really helpful to see what everyone thinks. I got the idea after living in the states where 10 miles is a really popular distance. I'll let you all know when we've got some more definate plans 

09/11/2012 at 13:00

I echo the Guy Fawkes 10 in North Yorkshire, very very hilly but a great t-shirt and a lots of chocolate in the goody bag.

I think that the distance is one that lots of runners miss because they think that they may as well run 3.1 extra miles and do a half.

09/11/2012 at 13:10

Down in South Waes I'd love to see more 10 milers. You can push harder than a half and still recover for full Sunday lunch and a couple of refreshing beers Great distance, just not enough around

09/11/2012 at 14:28

i just signed up for the Brampton 10M next weekend. not raced the distance before (hardly ever ran that far to be fair) but really looking forward to it. 60mins would be confined to my dreams - be pleased to get 75mins.

09/11/2012 at 14:32

Derwentwater was great last Sunday, if you ignored the frost in the hedge rows....  and a great excuse for a suet pie (rabbit) and a few beers in The Dog & Gun afterwards

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