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24/06/2007 at 23:27
Hi, iv just printed off the 5k training schedule for a sub 18min 5k. looks simple enough, just wondering if any one out there can offer some advice on it and what the recoveries should be after between the track repartitions. Iv recentley finished a 5k in 18.35 but would love to crack 18


25/06/2007 at 14:46
As noone else has (probably because not to many on here can run the sorts of times you are looking at.

Don't know what the scheudule looks like, but as you have already run 18:36 which pretty much equates to 6 minute miling, I would suggest that you are already on the right track.

You need to be doing speedwork, which I guess you are already doing - I would suggest things like 12 times 1 minute hard with a minute recovery, 6 times 2 minutes 1 minute recovery, 4 times 3 minutes 1 minute recovery, 3 times 4 minutes 1 minute recovery - also I always found hard sustained running helped, eg, 2 mile brisk warmup,2 miles eyeballs out then 2 miles brisk warm down, obviously all of these, are easier if you have a traning partner.

good luck
09/07/2008 at 16:08

One year on....

Was it any good?

I'm an 18:39/5km runner with my target race in 11wks time (unfortunately meaning I'm somewhat scrubbing over the first half of wk1, but I'm going to have to play around a bit with it anyway because I have 2 steeplechase races as well so have to play with some hurdles at some point!).

 I'm not expecting to break 18 minutes, but I want to knock off a nice healthy chunk as I know that I'm capable of a lot faster.


20/08/2008 at 10:57

I'm part-way through the 18 minute schedule. Comments so far:

 * Trying to run other races whilst on the schedule doesn't work because it puts in the mileage and then puts in the speed later. This has, as a result, been my worst track season ever - I'm averaging half a minute slower over 3000m. This is not a schedule for regular racers.

 * I ran faster and was less depressed about training in general when I ignored the schedule and did 600s and 400s as my week's sessions and reduced the mileage.

I'll let you know if I PB in my target race, which is on exactly the day the schedule expires.

16/09/2008 at 17:11

In conclusion, I did run a 7-second PB in my target race.

 My advice on this schedule would be to only follow it to the letter if you don't have any other races going on. If you do then the main sessions have stood me in good stead, but you will need to continue to include speedwork in your training in order to perform in all the other races during the period that you are on the schedule.

16/09/2008 at 17:23
Sounds similar to any long-term periodized programme...
16/09/2008 at 19:04

Yes it is. However, as the programs are probably predominantly for people without regular coaching I think it needs to be said explicitly. For me it didn't really work out, and the PB at the end, although nice, probably didn't compensate for a miserable overall season for me.

16/09/2008 at 21:10

For the "average" runner, ie. one who competes regularly, at a wide variety of distances and wants to have a sustainable year-round decent performance, a week/fortnight undulating periodisation-based programme is always going to win out.

Those long-term ones are more for pros etc.
17/09/2008 at 13:11

I'm not so sure - I think most elite athletes would want to be race fit going into their season target.

But either way, the schedules are designed that way and that way is only appropriate if you aren't a regular racer or don't care about all the interim races, and they are like that regardless of whether you are beginner, intermediate or experienced.

Personally, I'll take the PB but I'm going back to my old ways - I dwon't be going back to the start of the schedule and trying again in 12 weeks time. However, I will retain some of the sessions, and I also think doing the strides after runs has done me good - this season I've been winning in sprint finishes for the first time ever.

I'd also like to say that *TOUCH WOOD* I've stayed injury free for the entire summer. However, I think this was partly due to replacing some of the long runs with swims.

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