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30/11/2004 at 23:14
Ooops, this is what comes out when I get a wee bit bored at work.

The Runner’s Alphabet

A can mean ALTITUDE – a serious athletic regime
But a beginner would be likely to run out of steam
B is a BUSH – a saviour for runners in urgent need
Many from it have emerged after doing their deed

A rather famous C can be found on a plate
We eat enough CARBS to feed a small state
D stands for DOGS – aren’t they cuddly and sweet
They adore runners, not at least for their meat

E is for ENERGY in the clever form of gel
Resembling glue, they can give your stomach hell
F is easy – it’s where we exercise our grey matter
On a certain site’s FORUM there is a never-ending chatter

GADGETS galore is the obvious entry in the G-section
Satellite guides are a must to complete a run to perfection
While H is something vital when doing it on murky winter nights
How else can you be seen without HIGH VIZ GEAR, hat, top and tights?

I is a scary one, runners fear it more than any terrorist threat
The mere thought of getting ILL, can make us break out in a sweat
J definitely stands for pretty coloured sweets
JELLY BEANS will help runners pounding the streets

K exercises our credit cards and is essential for a running career
When the latest KIT hits the shelves, runners shed a happy tear
L is something that pops up when least you need some
When LACTIC ACID hits, your legs can go rather numb

There is only one thing M can really stand for
A MARATHON means 26 miles - there to explore
N sounds bad but is in reality a very good thing
Running NEGATIVE SPLITS makes you feel like a king

O means ORTHOTICS, and without many would be crippled
A runner I know with help of these his mileage tripled
P stands for PACE and for a beginner can be highly confusing
How do you know at what speed you are actually cruising?

With Q you can choose depending on what type you are
Go for QUALITY or you can with QUANTITY really go far.
R is for many runners the motivation and aim
Go RACING and PB’s you can personally claim

S means something quite tiring but is rather essential
SPEED WORK can help you realise your full running potential
An example of the above can help you with T
TEN K – a perfect distance, don’t you agree?

U means UNDULATING - quite a pleasant word
But some of the hills can be more than absurd
V is something small many runners firmly believe in
Being hooked on VITAMINS is certainly not an illegal sin

W - a pet hate for some, while others this completely adore
But when WINTER comes some don’t even go out the door!
X could be X-TRAINING, designed to make you stronger
Keep it up and it can make your running life longer

Y is not a term - more a mumbled word from a runner’s lips
WHY? he asks when weather is bad and he on an ice patch slips
Z we can’t ever live with out, and great runners know it
Pushing out Z'S is an important factor in keeping runners fit

01/12/2004 at 07:14
A is for aerobic condition
B is for base training, or Barnsley AC
C is for carbo-depletion and reload
D is for DOMS
E is for echinacea
F is for forefoot striking
G is for gear
H is for Hadd training:)
01/12/2004 at 07:26
I is for intervals, like 3 x 5k @ 160-165HR
J is for jumping into a race (but not too often)!
K is for kickin' ass
L is for long runs
M is for M+Ms - the peanut variety - good source of fats and protein post-workout
N is for NB RC150s
O is for Orthotics - NOT!
P is for Puma H-Streets:)

01/12/2004 at 07:29
Q is for quite high mileage
R is for racing
ip(FeS2)    pirate
01/12/2004 at 08:19
Quite high mileage BR? - That's pushing the poetic license a bit too far...

Put it back at 0 with

0 is for Obscenely high mileage :-)
02/12/2004 at 05:20

I like your M and K

Q is bugger, isn't it?

02/12/2004 at 08:55
Surely M is for Marathon, they've got loads of sugar and still have peanuts aswell.
02/12/2004 at 08:56
What happened to s-z?
02/12/2004 at 09:02
H is for Hadd - well I never :-)))

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