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...thumping on ground too much?

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25/09/2002 at 12:22

How much mileage have your current shoes done ?

I had to buy new shoes last month because the cushioning in my old shoes was totally ineffective after logging 700 miles. Had very bad ache in the 'balls' which is only now disappearing after five weeks of running in my new shoes.

Can't imagine it's possible to change your technique.

P.S. Thanks for opening the door on the double entendre which I have gracefully declined. On this occasion.
25/09/2002 at 15:03
My right ball is currently aching from over use. My shoes weren't right either.
25/09/2002 at 16:49
Why? Does she sell them at a discount?
25/09/2002 at 17:45

You've only got two balls - I'm sure Mrs Tim won't mind if it improves your performance.
Alternatively - keep them in your shed (the shoes, not your balls - she need never know!!!)
25/09/2002 at 20:29
you should change your trainers every 4/500 miles anyway.
If the pair you've got were purchased for use in the rough, are getting on a bit & you're using them on hard surfaces it realy is time to put your trusty pair to one side & get a new pair. I'm sure your wife won't mind.

As for getting sorbathane heel raises they're not ideal. True it will soften the heel impact, but the first thing to "go" in your trainer is usually the arch.
Get yourself down to a specialist shop for a new pair.

Happy running,
25/09/2002 at 21:38

I used to be a very heavy heel striker, much less so now, and have on occassion used Sorbothane insoles to add extra cushioning. They really do seem to do the job quite well.

I recently bought a new pair of Saucony Trigon and thought they would have sufficient cushioning, but within a few weeks I was getting sore ankles, tight achilles and - sound familiar - painful balls. I was worried that I might even have a metatarsal stress fracture. Popped in a pair of full strike insoles and problems went away - although they do make the shoes feel a bit tighter, so increase blister risk. I use the full strike version.

Remarkable lack of ball jokes on this thread.

26/09/2002 at 00:00
Tim, I think you are along the right lines in as much as if your balls are sore you massage them. A massage is extemely effective, in fact if my balls are ever sore, I tend to ask my wife to massage them as I find this greatly relieves any stiffness.
26/09/2002 at 08:46
7/10 that Wakey gets cazzed for that one.
26/09/2002 at 09:54
Barkles, I think my previous post may have been fuelled by a Stella too many (if you catch my drift), and reading too many issues of Viz during my mis-spent youth (or is that mis-spelt yout?)

Still, I couldn't not reply to a thread about aching balls!!

As for the time delay Tim, well that depends on many things...

I'll get my coat!!!
26/09/2002 at 14:14

I have a similar problem with my balls, particularly with the right one.

A few thoughts - dunno if they're relevant to you...

Has your running technique changed - as you get faster are you striking closer to your balls?

Could your feet muscles be getting tired as the mileage goes up/shoes get knackered?

My balls eventually hurt so much I went to the GP, who sent me for feet x-rays, which revealed "degeneration noramlly only found in someone much older" :o( As a result I have to go and see an orthopaedic surgeon, possibly to have a steroid injection. It's now a problem even when I'm walking. Fingers crossed it gets sorted out, as I can't run at the moment, and I have a place in FLM2003.

Best wishes for sorting out the problem with your balls, I hope you get them ironed out (boom boom!!)

26/09/2002 at 14:16
A steroid injection in the balls might get you disqualified from the Ironbridge Sexarathon series.
26/09/2002 at 17:13
Tim, you could try Neone insoles, they are very thin but also very effective. Are you sure you havn't picked up a blister. I had a painful left ball wich I picked up during training for the FLM. I thought it was bruising but 2 weeks after the FLM I found I had had a blister under the thick skin.

Just a thought.


30/09/2002 at 14:49
This has absolutely nothing to do with aching balls but.... many of you know, I very recently got married. One thing I have noticed is that my ring is rather irritating. As I have never had one before, I didn't really know how tight my ring was supposed to be. First thing in the morning it was extremely tight, but it loosened off through the course of the day. However, after a run it would become very very tight again. I have, however, discovered the perfect solution. Every morning, after I have showered, I apply just a little bit of vaseline on the inner circumference of my ring and the problem has been cured. It is so much more comfortable now. I would recommend it to anyone with an uncomfortable ring. Obviously, vaseline has more uses than as a cure for chaffing ;)
30/09/2002 at 14:52
Thank you for that. I find the opposite happens - I sometimes have problems with a loose ring when out running ...

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