Alcohol capacity down!

Anyone know why?

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08/08/2005 at 19:21
I'm exactly the same- one glass of wine or 1 JD and coke and I'm away with the fairies! It's quite frustrating as I used to be able to drink copius amouns of JD. Seroiusly hope its not an age thing as I'm 25, that would mean by 30 I'd only have to sniff the stuff to get p*ssed.
09/08/2005 at 11:03
I'm sure it's got nothing to do with age (I'm 36) as I've only been running just over a year. When I was out for about 3 months early on in the year due to a stress fracture, I was fine again, so definitely to do with running!

It's not as if I'm out of practice either, I probably drink 3-4 times a week and it gets no better. This is one thing I can't build endurance in! I don't mind the slow training either ;o) but I can assure you it doesn't work! We've got a cellar load (ok then, garage), as we live in Kent, booze cruises are easy!

Happy, I'm glad I'm not the only one!

Any medics out there who can provide a scientific explanation?
09/08/2005 at 11:10
I've found this problem as well. 2 beers and im feeling it. I thought it was just the fact i had hardly drank since the new year. Not an age thing either, im a 28 year old male.

Maybe it is since i've taken up running but i can't understand that.
09/08/2005 at 11:26
I can't drink anymore either. I cut down a lot and started running much more about 3 yrs ago.

Dr told me that I probably don't have many toxins in my body from all the exercise (and I eat pretty healthily too) so when I do put a toxin in, ie alcohol, my wee body is much more sensitive.

Made sense at the time!

09/08/2005 at 14:24
I can't drink so much since I've been diagnosed as having an underactive thyroid. Used to easily be able to drink a bottle of wine in 1 night if I'd wanted, now my max is two glasses.
09/08/2005 at 14:38
Same with me too ... I'm rubbish at drinking now!
09/08/2005 at 15:27
mmm where can I buy an underactive thyroid from :-)
09/08/2005 at 15:36
you can have mine if you want Wolfy, free to you :)
09/08/2005 at 19:10
You can still get done for drink driving if you are under the limit - they just call it being unfit through drink' so if you are showing signs of being unfit through drink there really is no lower be careful!
09/08/2005 at 19:34
I don't have your problems....takes more than a few to get me drunk but will never drink even one if i've got to drive
09/08/2005 at 19:42
dunno if its age or running.
In my younger days I used to drink like a fish, 75-100 units a week was the norm, now I hardly touch the stuff, yet when we go out and I'm on it, I can more than 'handle my own' - recent stag do in the 'dam I was getting to bed at 6am, so maybe it's 'pacing yourself - it is a running thread after all!!!
However some days a couple of pints leaves me wobbly....

The downside to age is that when I was 25, I could get completely wank&&ed and get to bed at 4am, up at 6 and do a full days work, now if I'm any later than 1am, I feel wasted the next day and steer clear for a week........
09/08/2005 at 19:46
I find that drinking any later than 11pm leaves me totally shattered next day so best avoided, and can't mix drinks anymore, Ok if i've eaten well and stick to one drink
09/08/2005 at 20:40
Definitely support the running thing. I can feel the effects of one glass now whereas I used to be fine on two. Would also love to know the medical reason for it...
09/08/2005 at 20:43
lower body weight could also be the cause too so peops who have lost weight too may find that their alcohol tolerance is decreased

and the more you drink the more your tolerance increases and vice versa
09/08/2005 at 21:08
One of the reasons that women have a lower tolerance is because we have a higher fat percentage than men. Now then why isn't our tolerance higher as we get more muscles?
09/08/2005 at 21:31
dont think most women do get significantly more muscle mass tbh - just reduced body fat in proportion

unless you are thinking of women who do put on a lot of muscle for power sports

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