Any running accountants out there?

who want a new job

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11/08/2003 at 14:18
FatBloke, can I have your job if you go????
11/08/2003 at 14:19
Of course you can
11/08/2003 at 14:23
thanks! :-)
11/08/2003 at 15:18

I don't know the average house price off the top of my head, but I'll have a look at some estate agents when I'm up there this week. It'll certainly be a hell of a lot cheaper than Cambridge.

How much less is it than what you're on? If you've got good experience we might be able to be, ahem, flexible. At least a bit.
11/08/2003 at 15:44
£3.5k + car, but the car isn't a major sticking point (I can't believe I wrote that, I love my car).

I won't contribute anymore until I've discussed it with the boss (I mean my wife!).

As I've said it's fairly unlikely, more just the heart talking, but you never know.

Hope you find the right person anyway.

11/08/2003 at 15:50
Cheers, FB.
26/08/2003 at 12:15

Been away in Scotland for 10 days or so, but discussed it with the wife. We decided that although it sounded tempting it probably wouldn't be the right thing to do at the moment.

As I said before, hope you find someone soon.

26/08/2003 at 13:23
Location Location Location (and salary).

Sounds good, sounds grounds for divorce. Shame its north of the Thames, but then it would have to be double if it were south of Thames just to afford the mortgage.

Still its worth a boing in hope that someone sees it for you.
26/08/2003 at 17:19
Ditto AS -sounds great, bad timing (qualified ACCA 14 months) as moving into first house soon with partner nowhere near there - not ready to move from local area yet either.
12/09/2003 at 20:21

Would love it but Mrs Niggle from Devon and dragged me down here, no chance of getting back to the right end of the country.

Hope you get someone, have you tried posting on CIMA's website. They have discussion boards like this with quite a few fed up with most jobs being south east based.
15/08/2005 at 15:35
Me and the wife are both CIMA qualified, but don't fancy working in an area where there appear to be no roads, and no public toilets.
15/08/2005 at 20:46
Ha ha, nice one DN!!!

Wondered how this thread had appeared again from the mists of time!!

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