Changed Jobs-running helped

this could be me anyone similar

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07/12/2005 at 23:03
we all love running-thats why we are here

but it running which has finally got me to ask for a sabbatical at work
Been coming for ages-but oew i have a focus
ostensibly to plan races-there's so much i want to do
running was my catalyst for getting out of a fixed situation

tell me i wasnt wrong
Stump    pirate
07/12/2005 at 23:07
Were you happy at work?

Is the sabbatical something you want to do or are you avoiding something?
07/12/2005 at 23:11
this aint about me for a change
i want to know about others

RW would like to know

i havent resigned yet
07/12/2005 at 23:12
Hiya- difficult to tell, I think you'd know for yourself whether you made the right decision at the right time after a while out of your "fixed situation".
You don't have to ask for approval for your decision, you seemed pretty set on taking time out.
Good luck, kiddo!
07/12/2005 at 23:14

I suggested an interesting article to RW along thesae lines

they asked me to write it

07/12/2005 at 23:15
but yesI am agonising
but decision made realy
07/12/2005 at 23:16
Hail Hail

I've got an interview with Sweatshop tomorrow. Does that count?
Stump    pirate
07/12/2005 at 23:17
Peeps find work the ideal thing to blame when they are unhappy. Why not, you spend most of your waking hours there.

Chucking it in to do something else is a major lifestyle choice.

You can run and work.

However, the work-life balance is a tricky one. I'm too hard faced about money to do without for the sake of peace and tranquility!

Ultimately, unless you're thinking of making running your profession, keep it as a hobby.

If you don't like what you do. Deal with that rather than look to running for an answer.

07/12/2005 at 23:17
Dont blame it on the running
07/12/2005 at 23:18
Dont blame it on the ultras
07/12/2005 at 23:18
Blame it on the boogie
07/12/2005 at 23:20
I quit my job and took 2 years off to work as a personal trainer and sports coach Here I am back doing computer stuff again and training people for fun.

Bright side I am much calmer and happier

Down side is I returned to what I thought had driven me mad
07/12/2005 at 23:22
now really
i think the ultras have a bad press

guys come on be positive
07/12/2005 at 23:22
RWH, its about what you want. Running is a choice, not a reason.

Of course you are right.
07/12/2005 at 23:23

need edit

that should be SWH not RWH
07/12/2005 at 23:31

Ill try again toimorrow
Ill get personal

I need to change my career-or the direction

didnt ever have the balls to do it before
thing that made me evaluate what I am what I do was runing

we had no regular rota for on call
I take on call seriously-ie-doent go with races


am dedicated doc
so dpont race oncall

and I want to race

made me think about on call

07/12/2005 at 23:31
I was also very unhappy at work towards the end, and left 2 years go, now I only freelance. I'm much happier now, but this was really a case of the work having caused problems.
Here, I don't think it's necessarily the running itself, although it's important, it's the thought of taking action and moving towards something which one associates with happy times. Until now, B.,your work, and running as something to look forward to have co-existed. But if you've been thinking about this step for a while, and can afford it...
07/12/2005 at 23:32
for me the runnig has been the ctalyst
07/12/2005 at 23:36
Have you finally left that no good over burdened job Benz ??

good for you !!!
07/12/2005 at 23:39
Not yet

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