Cheap (Nutritious) Food please!

need to reduce the shopping bill!!

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09/06/2004 at 09:29
Cheers, Hippo! I am going to try that. I also cook my rice "the Delia Way" by absorption.

Pashka, the source of my name is an embarrassing secret. I think the name itself conveys a sense of determined, if short-legged, energy!
09/06/2004 at 10:10
Mmm ph -I'm going to try your tomato rice tonight :0)

What about cauliflower and cheese sauce - cheap n cheerful - with diced up and fried bacon sprinkled on top and put in oven for a few minutes - just as hubbie likes.
09/06/2004 at 13:36
I have to tell you that getting back some of my enthusiam for experiments is working

also this thing about not going shopping!

I am convinced that my decision to support my local milk-round person - even at 44p a pint - is paying off, cos it means I go to the supermkt LESS - and search in my fridge and cupboards MORE

I had a small amount of rice left-over and thought ...

chop an onion inc some purple & frazzle a bit in some xtra virgin

dice a carrot
slice some cabbage (it is a gorgeous cabbage! and it's been in a poly bag in the fridge for at least a week)
chuck in to pan with some boiling water and steam away for a few mins (so the veg is still firm-ish)

found some quite nice ham I hadn't eaten and cut it up

added a bit of stock powder & some lee&perrins "garlic & chilli" (too much actually)

and the left-over rice

so simple - so delicious!! (even without the ham)

oh - I put a few black olives in as well
09/06/2004 at 14:33
yes, I must admit we also have a milkman for the same reason.

before when we popped into the co-op we'd always end up browsing the 'bargains' shelf, picking up a bottle of pop/newspaper etc, and by the time you know it, hey presto £5's gone that you hadn't really planned on spending (though the milk is cheaper).

So, by using the milkman, we find too we spend 'less '(although the milk costs more)

& I also kind of like the idea that because the milkman has enough support locally - (only really starting ordering milk when he came around 'begging' 'cos his franchise was nearly going under) - he's still there to deliver stuff to people less mobile too.
09/06/2004 at 15:05
I have a cheap and yummy meal from student days, is great with rice or spuds, with cheese or without.

Tin budget toms
Tin budget beans
one pepper or mixed frozen peppers are cheaper
one onion
garlic 2-4 cloves
Some mushrooms
Dried herbs any combination
Dried chilli flakes or just powder to your taste.
Any other veg such as sweetcorn, courgette
Can also add some sausages for cheap sausage casserole.

Very cheap and dependent on your larder/fridge

My husband and I survived on very little money during our PhDs, ate very well and ran two very good marathons.

Home made flapjacks are very cheap, own brand cereals are cheaper and taste the same.

Make all sauces instead of buying jars, tin toms and dried herbs are much cheaper than jars of curry, chilli or pasta sauces.
Tinned tuna and mince are your best friends!
10/06/2004 at 15:44
Thankxxx Mitchie Moo!!
keep raiding the cupboard!! - I'll be back making my own bread at this rate

I used to buy a massive block of proper yeast & cut into small chunks & freeze - works fine - but local baker won't sell it now - so have to buy small bits from health-food store where I feel guilty if I only spend 12p (and where their home-made homity pies & gorgeous seeded bread & carrot cake & oh oh are impossible to resist)

trinity1 - glad to hear of someone else keeping the local milk round going - yes - I hope it's still going when I get old!!
14/08/2004 at 17:15
and boing again for hackney hawk

i wish to report i hae had broad beans most weeks for the last few weeks

My recipe for snot soup
gently cook at little choped onion and potato in butter, add water and simmer for 15 mins
ann fresh or frozen peas, or broad beans, and some eaf spinach or watercress and wilt for 2-3 mins

Liquidise, stir in a little cream
if you like add croutons and parmesan

M...eldy    pirate
14/08/2004 at 17:18
Hippo - have you tried dried and roasted Broad beans?? they are gorgeous AND .... they do taste like crisps!!!
14/08/2004 at 17:28
Hipps, your Snot Soup recipe is similar to one of mine, only I base it on lentils and add leftovers and pellets of frozen spinach. We call it Garden Pond.
14/08/2004 at 17:34
what kind of lentils?

Imelda--no, but i wil look for the dried broad ones when next in london or brum
14/08/2004 at 17:37
Yer standard pink lentils. Split peas take a little longer to cook but any smaller-grain dahl is good too. I throw in a handful or two after I've softened the onion and added a tsp of curry paste, then add the water or stock.

14/08/2004 at 17:39
I saw a lovely recipe for chick pea and spinach soup-think it was on the river cafe kitchen
04/10/2005 at 08:04
boing for TAW
04/10/2005 at 20:20
This thread is giving me loads of ideas. I've only read the first and last page. Will definately read the other pages.
05/10/2005 at 10:37
Rice and lentils. Add some uncooked onions to the lentils and add some soy sauce. Cost pence and feeds loads.

Pasta and a tin of toms. Giveaway.

Aubergine sliced longways - nuke it for a few mins. Spread with sauce (pesto) and add some cheese and grill. Slobber...

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