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18/02/2004 at 14:43
Favourite choc bar???

mine is crunchie - love to bite all the choc off and then munch the honeycomb.
18/02/2004 at 14:44
Toffee Crisp
18/02/2004 at 14:45
18/02/2004 at 14:51
18/02/2004 at 14:56
Mars Bar!
18/02/2004 at 15:13
those new eggs that have the cream in the middle with little bits of chocolate mixed in it - mmmmmmmm
18/02/2004 at 15:17
ALl of them!!!

Cadbury's Dairy Milk
18/02/2004 at 15:22
give us a Twirl, n2k!
18/02/2004 at 15:27
All of it, love it and have to stop myself making myself quite sick...every day!
18/02/2004 at 15:47
Depends on my mood, but a caramel is normally top choice

(in the abscence of lindor or bendicks)
18/02/2004 at 15:52
Green and Blacks

Or is it Black and Greens?

Never can remember. Never look at the wrapper long enough to find out....
18/02/2004 at 17:00
18/02/2004 at 17:01
70% cocoa chocolate with nuts in. Only seen it in France though :(
cougie    pirate
18/02/2004 at 17:04
Tilly - give us more info on these eggs !!
18/02/2004 at 17:07
Not strictly a choc bar but cadbury's fingers by a mile
18/02/2004 at 17:11
Fuse (do they still make them, haven't seen them for a while?)
Fruit & Nut

I'm a bit of a Cadbury's girl.
18/02/2004 at 17:14
Nessie me too. {a bloke though}. I thought of twirl but the fingers have that buscuity thing going on and you can try to strip the chocolate off to leave it naked!! mmm
18/02/2004 at 17:18
18/02/2004 at 17:19
very similar to a flake. bit of an imposter
18/02/2004 at 17:43
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