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14/11/2008 at 18:05

I don't mind the windy weather as it make4s me laugh when I'm being blown all over the place and see people looking at me in a bemused fashion!! 

 I've always been a fair weather runner but now that I've joined a club I've started to get used to wet/damp weather running and it's not too bad at all. Hopefully it will mean I keep my running going through the winter months.

14/11/2008 at 18:09
Wind's alright if it's blowing the right way, but sod's law it's always a head wind no matter which direction I go. Never quite worked out how that works. Twas a bit too warm for running for me today
14/11/2008 at 19:52

im enjoying the runs much more in the cold and i get excited when it rains! icy roads are a pain so if it gets bad i run around the rugby pitch near my house

14/11/2008 at 21:26

I've just gotten over my virus, which stopped me from running for two weeks.    Now I'm back though and am enjoying the cold air (perhaps the lay-off has done me some good as those niggling pains seem to have all but disappeared )

 I like the cold, but also like the warm as well.  I just like to run. 

15/11/2008 at 15:45
I'm reluctant to run in the dark - what can I do?

Try to run in your lunch breaks.

What fcuking luch breaks!? when you get a fixed 30mins slot its nigh on impossible to get out and eat too grrrr

get up in the dark go home in the dark wonder im so fcuking grumpy ..i hate dark winter days

15/11/2008 at 18:26
Are you sure that you don't like running in the dark....
16/11/2008 at 19:00

I love running in the winter. I get hayfever in the summer and find that along with the heat and sun it's just too much. I have a lot more energy in the autumn and winter and have some really good runs.

I've just recently got into trail and multi terrain running so I'm getting very muddy and wet and loving it!

17/11/2008 at 10:48
Hayfever relents when I get out and run. Strange - it strikes me down totally from June to August - puffy, swollen and itchy eyes, streaming nose - all the symptoms. Except when I run - it disappears completely.
17/11/2008 at 14:15
Funny you should say that Simpster - it does for me too but it's absolute hell when I stop.
17/11/2008 at 22:12
Winter running is great - I often wonder what dog walkers and other people who are out but wrapped up to the eyeballs think as you pass them.  I was out tonight in shorts and a L/S merino top which was perfect for me.  Tights, gloves and a headband if it's really cold but I'll have taken the gloves and headband off within 15 minutes as I'll be cooking!
20/11/2008 at 16:22

Hi Ladybee

 I am so with you on that. I much prefer to run in the colder weather, the first 10 minutes are the hardest for me but after that I just feel great, I feel warm inside yet but the nice cold weather keeps you fresh for running.


20/11/2008 at 20:18

My best run ever was in a complete snow storm. There seemed to be a blizzard blowing in my face the whole way - but it was amazing!!!

22/11/2008 at 11:36

Might be like that tomorrow morning as running a  5 mile race along the beach   Brrrr!!!

   Loving it

22/11/2008 at 12:35
Race this afternoon and it looks lovely from indoors but too bloomin' cold to be out in
22/11/2008 at 12:36

I did just over 18 miles earlier (5:30am start) and it was lovely out there in my shorts and base layer
Takes me up to a mile before I adapt fully to freezing temperatures.  After that, I don't notice the cold and my legs never ever get cold.

Love the looks people give when they are there in their coats, gloves, scarves etc and look like they're freezing to death.

22/11/2008 at 13:02
Scott S wrote (see)

Love the looks people give when they are there in their coats, gloves, scarves etc and look like they're freezing to death.

I've started to see a few of those odd faces looking at me

Yesterday i did miss the first cold weather run because the hailstone + wind was so bad i couldnt walk let alone run in in, trying to make up for it today should be fun because it's freezing again...

22/11/2008 at 13:55

brr! it was cold out this morning! had my trackie bottoms on, a few layers on my body and a wooly hat. the only bits of me that was cold was my face and my hands. my face was numb after 5mins!

it was a decent run after i got into my rythm though.

i hate running in wind or rain!

22/11/2008 at 15:50

i've been loitering here  for some time and i just want to say you're all BARKING BONKERS!!

But really i'm just jealous. i''ve always wanted to be one of those who would tough it out whatever the weather.

 So today, armed with multiple layers of various synthetics, i thought i'd give it a go. And i've just made it back in one piece!! It wasn't nearly as bad as i feared. With my ears and hands wrapped up i was totally fine after 2mins. Whoop whoo! i'm so proud of myself!

Chris D, to stop your face freezing over, try putting some vasaline or lip balm on your cheeks and nose. Really stops the cold from hurting so much.

22/11/2008 at 16:37

I agree with those who've said what must other people think when they're wrapped up like an eskimo and you run past in your shorts. It can be hard getting out there when it's extra cold but you know as soon as you get moving you'll warm up.

22/11/2008 at 21:09
running in crunchie snow is the absolute best- partly because it doesn't happen very often.
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