why did i get such cramp

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27/05/2009 at 09:29

I have run nine marathons, lots of half marathons ,10 miles & 10k`s.

But at the finsh of this years London Marathon, i collected my medal then was struck down by the most awfull cramp. in my calf mucles.

i have had cramp before but never as bad and never so soon after running. i also was sick as soon as i finished the race which has never happened to me before. im starting to think this my be a sign of getting old.

does anyone have any ideas of how i can avoid getting this again, and whats the best way to treat cramp once you get it.  and also any ideas why i suddenly felf so sick after the marathon.

27/05/2009 at 09:38

I always find shaking the leg out (no matter how painful) and stretching it makes it go away in time. Leaving it alone to recover on its own is not an option!

Did you take on enough energy gels/drinks etc?

Could heat have been a factor?

27/05/2009 at 14:32

Sounds like a fuel problem to me.

 Did you take on enough water during and before the race also did you eat properly before hand?

27/05/2009 at 14:39
it was a warm day so you sweated more than usual - especially after a cold winter of training. most leg cramp is caused by electrolyte loss through sweat and if you didn't take any more, or very little, on board during the run then that's probably the reason why.

I don't think the lucozade sports drinks offered at FLM have enough 'lytes to cope with warm conditions, and water certainly has none...

on very hot and humid races I always take salt tabs with me as a precaution - I also have Nuun in any drink I carry (Nuun tabs are basically electrolyte tablets). salt tabs such as Lava Salt or Endurolyte are the best available as they have a good proportion of the correct lytes
27/05/2009 at 14:46

yep the lucozade ones are mainly sugar

i can recommend nuun - berry flavour

Use them all the time, for exercising, travelling, er hangovers...

Another method for stopping cramp instantly is hitting the muscle - seriously! Don't ask me physiologically what occurs but it stops the cramp.

so take nuun OR ask someone to whack the back of your legs next time!

27/05/2009 at 16:03
Fat Buddha - I disagree. If the Lucozade sports drinks were the same ones we had at Stratford, they were enough to get me through and achieve a PB too!
27/05/2009 at 16:09

ah but look what happened afterwards!

Could it be the lucozade that caused your stress fracture?

28/05/2009 at 09:52

i must admit i have only ever used lucozade sports drinks, and never really had any problems.

but nuun sounds like somthing i might try, and will also give the salt tabs a go for my next marathon.

will most running shops stock nuun.

thanks guys

28/05/2009 at 10:10
D2D - good for you that you didn't get cramp - however many do so if you know what is a possible cause, then you can counter it.......and it doesn't happen all the time. I've suffered the worst leg cramps during the bike leg of an Ironman - it was very hot and humid and I lost a lot of 'lytes through sweat and although I was taking in some it wasn't enough for the volume of sweat I was producing

by taking electrolytes on board during a long event then you reduce the chance of cramp happening - take none, and there is a greater risk of developing it.

Nuun is available in a lot of shops but not all - loads of places online sell it. there is an alternative called Zym which does similar....

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