Creche facilities needed at races

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23/02/2005 at 17:08
Trinity - it must be all 3 of your points but in my letter from RFL last week they pointed out that a very high % of women did not return any sponsorship money and this has been the trend for several years.
23/02/2005 at 17:54
i agree with the idea of women only races trin but they need to make provision for sons and daughters somehow - even if it sons are not able to take part over a certain age
(presumably they are not sex-checking the babies in slings?)

i think the whole rfl thing is intended primarily as a fundraiser for cancer research and only incidentally as a booster to women - albeit a great one

i have totally lost faith in them as charity because their marketing machine has been so aggressive and unhelpful to me in dealing with them over RFL

also, i think tesco's sponsorship is entirely cynical or let's say - a business decision
ie they are mainly focused on the fact that it is excellent advertising to associate themselves with something that makes it look like they are helping women whereas in fact, my experience of it was a crappy medal , a marketing oriented goody bag that was no use to me, and minimum expenditure

there was inadequate loos, inadequate water and a poor course in my case
the local club 5ks were much better organised and i've more faith in them getting childcare set up than RFL

infact i am dreading writing to them because they made it so hard last year when i was asking a simple question about the course and i ended up having a row with the cancer research phone guy - which really upset me

so am procrastinating about writing to them on this
expecting another corporate faceless unhelpful reply

not meaning to divert this thread on to my personal feeling about RFL experience
and i am sure other RFL's were alot better than mine

but it is one of the more obvious places to start with the issue of creche's

23/02/2005 at 17:55
another thought - accessing some kind of network of childminders who were willing to do a saturday one off?
23/02/2005 at 18:00
Good idea lok - or a children's play scheme like the one that organises the clubs at my son's school.
23/02/2005 at 18:37
I stuck mobile creche hire into google and this is the first link
24/02/2005 at 09:11
Sounds like the answer Foo Bar - though I noticed there was no cover in the South West. Race organisers would just have to get in touch with these guys and they'd organise it. You could ask potential users to sign up by a particular date so you'd know if it was viable re numbers, age range etc. It wouldn't cost the race organisers anything, wouldn't add costs to other runners and would provide a valuable service.
24/02/2005 at 09:37
I'm surprised that no-one has mentioned an obvious alternative. Back when my son was younger, when my wife & I want to go walking for the day, or go away for the w/e, we'd ask the parents of one of my son's friends if they'll have him. It was a win/win/win situation:
- the two boys had a great time together
- we got a break and did what we wanted to do
- the other family benefited when we reciprocated

I'm all for getting children used to different situations and making new friends, but a downside of a race creche as opposed to a more regular creche is that your kid is turfed in with a load of strangers who they may not get on with, and with adults who may not understand their particular needs & character.

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