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01/06/2003 at 21:03
Does anyone know of a website the equivalent to this for cycling? Or can anyone give me some advice?
I am interested in starting cycling up, but need guidance on how long to start off with etc. Also, if the bikes in the gym are good to start with?
01/06/2003 at 21:47

Check out

Happy cycling!
iron fraggle    pirate
01/06/2003 at 21:55
01/06/2003 at 23:13
some of the triathlon websites have information relating to the basics of cycling - I found them helpful. They dont have forums similar to this though.

bikemagic has a decent forum but seems to be more geared to mtb. Also, those guys can get real technical.
01/06/2003 at 23:13
tri websites include
30/12/2004 at 09:53

Probably far too late, but now has a sister site for road cycling which may be more your cup of tea?

You asked for an equivalent site. I hope you'll find the forum refreshingly familiar!

Cheers and happy new year,

30/12/2004 at 09:55
Wow! How spooky is that? Off to register now, and will probably get even less work done today.
30/12/2004 at 09:57
maybe worth asking the triathletes on this site to...that strange lot lurk down in the tri/ultra forum...
30/12/2004 at 10:03
Those cycling folk are nutters. Their forum names are all things like "Arthur Heaton", "Matthew Field" or (ahem) "Jeremy Tapp". And the topics are all things like: "Should us cycleists be made to wear helmets by law" (sic) and "Looking at buying an Audax bike" I.e. cycling!

Why don't they have forumites called "Cycling Hippo" or "Purple Cyclist"? And they should have topics like "What would a rabbit hutch for a cyclist be like?".

But I'll bet the most popular threads that keep coming up again and again, are:
"Lance Armstrong is so wonderful",
"I just got a signed copy of Lance's autobiography for Xmas" and
"The Tour de France is a rip-off"
30/12/2004 at 10:06
Well, there's one called Fat Squirrel now.

How does a person get a signed Lance Armstrong biography btw?
30/12/2004 at 10:18
FS - you join a very big queue!
30/12/2004 at 10:19
There is now also a McGoohan too. (So I can start my 'The Tour de France is a rip-off' thread now.)

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