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Dustboy    pirate
04/06/2009 at 01:02

Dropping in again, the hearing aid my mates missus has works with the watch by radio stuff, but it's well cool

The lip reading courses are going well, really fab stuff and I can watch ITV4 now which ordinarily has shite sound but I can lipread a lot of it.

Just got a white noise generator from the therapist to help combat the tinnitus. First day but we'll see how it goes. And I now have an appointment for a speech discrimination test I think she called it???

And I have learned to fingerspell so all in all, it's not so bad! And I have been taught to swear in sign too.

Had a really interesting talk from a charidee worker guy who has no hearing at all. Took ten minutes to "tune in" but he had a lot of good stories.

04/06/2009 at 09:42

Hi Dustboy...I thought this thread had died the death long ago.

Good to hear that things are going well with all your courses and the masking gen. Sounds ideal that you can now fingerspell...will come in handy when you give the finger to an inconsiderate driver...f*** off in sign seems much more polite than two fingers in the air...unless it is the same of course.

The advances in aid technology goes in leaps and bounds...I've seen some that are now fitted into spectacle frames...soon we will have a litte device fitted into the ear like one of those ear studs and that will be it. This will look cool and fashionable too...perhaps not appropriate for an oldie like me but I will give anything a try.

My running is going okay...a bit hot at the minute but still getting the miles under my belt. I'm having a problem with my left thigh muscle...sometimes it feels numb/tingly but not yet caused any lay-off from the plodding. Perhaps it is just my age catching up with me. Also I'm walking to work three times a week now and maybe this extra mileage is having an impact on my legs.  

I had the local Firebrigade guys come and fit 2 new fire/smoke detectors recently...I'm now waiting for my local social services department to assess if there is a need for the fitting of a vibrating fire alarm...I probably will not get one but there is no harm in trying.  


16/08/2009 at 22:28

Hi all, resurrecting old thread.  Just started running again last week (run/walk but I'm getting out!), my problem is the only time I can run is lunchtime at work.  

How long after a run are you cool enough to piut the aids in?  After a run and shower I feel hot for about 15-20 minutes after, then I'm putting the aids back in - could I do it any sooner?  I'm trying to get Access to Work approval at the moment so don't want to fry the NHS aids just in case - and even less likely to want to fry the new ones if I ever get them. 

Dustboy - hows' the tinnitus masker going?

Autumn66 - are you still out clocking up the miles?

Dustboy    pirate
16/08/2009 at 22:50

The tinnitus masker is fab. As soon as you put it in it sounds like the LSO tuning up and it is a bit prone to fall out when chewing but I leave it out at the weekends and yesterday, for the first time, silence.........for an hour.

FWIW, I had a repeat pure tone thingy. Basically, it's classed as a mild hearing loss althought the 6-8K range  drops off to pretty much zilch very quickly so consonants are gone. Medic said aids work at different frequency and can't work on that frequency loss so it's not worth it. He also said the speech test not worth it.

WL. Running at lunchtime at work...

What do people do about cleaning up after? I mean, I would like to ride to work but no shower facilities. What do you do? Or do you have showers? 

17/08/2009 at 01:43

so reassuring to hear (!!) the experience of others running with hearing difficulties. I run alone without aids and enjoy it thoroughly. Although I sometimes wish I could hear better so i would feel comfy running in a group but I think they feel awkward when i miss out on the chat so it's more satsifactory all round if i run alone.

Generally no problems with traffic etc but i have had one near miss. I was running on single track roads in the country and eventually came to a long straight high level section that stretched ahead of me for about a mile. Fields dropped away on either side of me, high hills to the far left and stirling castle 4-5 miles away. Gorgeous evening and i'd just disturbed a couple of deer. As I entered the straight stretch i was feeling good and though I'd push hard for this straight mile. Head down, concentration up and i went for it. I came to an abrupt halt just one pace off running into a stationery tractor at the end of the mile. The farmer's face was a picture -  a mix of incredulity and laughter - seems he had come out the field onto the road just after i had started my 'golden mile' and had watched me race towards him, engine idling, waiting for me to look up...

Another time on the same stretch I was thinking to myself there was a complete absence of wildlife tonight. No birds, rabbits, deer... it was like a rural marie celeste. Until I glanced up and saw a huge buzzard soaring about 10 feet above me. It stayed there for about 7-8 minutes. I can only imagine he thought he was in for a great meal if i collapsed!

At events I write a note of my deafness on my race number and include my wife's mobile phone number in case of emergency.

17/08/2009 at 08:45

Dustboy - glad to hear tinnitus masker is working, I'm trying for some Audeo aids from A2W - they do a frequency shift where they move high frequency sounds into the lower ranges so you can hear them. At least that's what I understand from the adverts (I'm sure some techies out there can explain it better).

I've always been lucky with work having showers, no safe place for bikes, but the lanes round here aren't safe for biking (not safe for running either, but the lanes are a bit quieter at lunchtime).

RM - your runs sound excellent, I have reasonable low tones so can cope with some conversation, but when I'm starting to push hard I don't hear at all well.  I've disturbed a couple of deer and buzzards while out running, but it's such a rare occurence that they stick in the mind.

17/08/2009 at 09:51

Welcome Raymond...sounds like you have some very nice running routes...perhaps you would have to be more careful if the buzzards were vultures...look out...running buffet in progress.

Hi Wrinkly...yep I'm still plodding the miles away. Been hot and sticky lately but kept to schedules for the summer. No injuries to contend with. I do have a slight strain in my left thigh but this is easing now so looks like it is not going to require any rest or treatment. I don't have a problem with my aid after a run...I usually get back to the hearing world immediately after my shower even though I'm still sweating. I do all my running in out of office hours so I don't have to worry about BO whilst sitting at my desk.

I had a visit off my local authority social services last week...they are going to fit a flashing/vibrating smoke alarm for me. Taken awhile for them to repond but at least things are moving now.

Dustboy...pleased that things are improving for taken time but eventually you seem to be on track now.

I noticed Becky Boo posting last week so she is still lurking on the threads...Becky hope things are well with you and your running is still strong.     

13/09/2009 at 21:47

Had another hearing test about 2 months ago, same thing as the previous year "there's been a minor decrease but it's within the range we'd allow for in daily fluctuations". Which seeing as this happens year on year means there is a continuing loss.

Not sure what to do next, they've given me an aid for the bad ear, but frankly I don't wear it, seriously starting to look at these little in canal ones, anyone got any experience of them?

Dustboy    pirate
18/09/2010 at 00:37

Just got a brace of new NHS digital aids. Please excuse language but feck I have missed a lot in the last few years. Mouses click did you know!!!

Have behind the ear with the thingy corda tubes but may have to have the moulds. I asked for Red ones (to match my bike colour scheme) but was told black & gold only, well bugger that for a game of soldiers and, well bugger bugger, bugger.

They itch a lot, hurt as well but worth it. Take a while to get used to (er supposed to be 3 months but diving in for the 24 hour fasttrack do or die option)

But overalll, a new lease of life! Hoo feckin' ray. Can't get over how well made up I am.

 And apparently, I might even be eligible for a bus pass!!!! ROFLMAO!  

Le Gav, stick it in and so what.

I have a had a few questions at work and one guy brayed, "Wossat choo got in your ear'ole" but he soon realised he had overstepped the mark when I said "A hearing aid, why, what do you put in yours?" and it's been quiet as a mouse since (I think)


06/12/2010 at 15:17

I am so glad I have found this group - I thought I was alone in the deaf running world.

I suffer from high frequency hearing loss in both ears and have had tinnitus since birth. Running is a great way to get away from it all and feel free from the constant whistling, buzzing and ringing noises in my head. I don't wear hearing aids when running as they get too uncomfortable and itchy, although it does put me at risk on the roads.

Are any of you doing or thinking of doing the Virgin London Marathon in 2011? I work for a charity called Deafness Research UK and as well as being employed to help raise funds for vital research in deafness and hearing impairments, I will be running and fundraising myself. I am very passionate about finding a cure as life can be incredibly difficult when you are without one of your most important senses.

It would be great if some of you would like to run with me in the London Marathon next year. Please see for more info. I hope that we can get a community of passionate runners who happen to be deaf or hard of hearing.

Dustboy - I am interested in learning more about the tinnitus masker?

RM - I am also subject to near misses although once, I did get a little too close. I was running along a straight road on the opposite side so that the cars could see me with their headlights during dusk. As it was getting dark, I was not concentrating and realised I was going to miss the lane I run down on the other side of the road. Without any thought, I quickly crossed over right into the path of a moving car. Fortunately, she just clipped my leg but it sent me flying into the hedgerow. No breaks, just heavy bruising and a very upset woman who thought I had been killed (oops!) Ironically enough, I spent most of my time looking after her despite my near death experience.

07/12/2010 at 12:46
Welcome Daniel. Makes a big difference knowing you are not the only one. I think most of us are still around in one way or another. We are definately all due an update.

Regardinging your London Marathon. I didn't get in the ballot for 2011 (never done a marathon before) and could have had a Golden bond place with the RNID. However, I just could not commit to raising circa £2k in the time of recession plus time training and fitting in around 4 hrs a day commuting to London.

2010 was a different year for me as I still did the odd 10k. Finally broke the hour - yipee! but from April to September I did one triathlon a month for 6 months. all sprint distance but 4 were pool swims, one a lake and one a sea swim. With the cross training it has opened up a new world beyond running.

Hearing wise, certainly fun doing tris with no aids particularly as you are cycling on roads that have not necessarily been closed. A risk, sure but just have to be careful. Most organisers when ~I tell them are supportive. Tried a new hearing aid model in December 2009 (Siemens Relex) but for the first time in 30 years I just could not get used to them and went back to my old ones. Have just visited audiology last week and got new models again Siemens Impact and I think these will be ok one they have a small tweak.
Dustboy    pirate
07/12/2010 at 15:09

Tinnnitus masker, it's a white noise generator but now totally usurped by my aids which are MUCH better at killing the T.

Re tri's, hearing loss is no impairment in the water, am used to riding motorbike with earplugs in at motorway speeds so used to using eyes only on two wheels. Never yet heard a briefing though! LOL. Just follow the rest. Though I have relatively mild loss. Use Oticon Spirit Zest? I think.

Come over to the dark side!  

07/12/2010 at 15:40

Welcome Daniel...good to see the old thread resurrected.

I'm still plodding...I'm probably the old fart on this thread...whilst I don't profess to be the quickest runner I've still got plenty of get up and go and still knocking out the miles despite the poor running conditions.

I too run without aids...tried some boots but I enjoy being switched off when I go running.  Finally got a strobe/vibrating fire alarm installed by my local authority...thankfully not yet tried and tested

I don't do marafuns but good luck with your charity endeavours.   

Till this time next resurrection...have a good Christmas and New Year all...happy running  

07/12/2010 at 23:01

just did a google search - this tinitus masker - headphones are really big. Is their something smaller? in ear?

My mp3 player has noise cancellation that you can use if not listening to music but I don't like wearing it indoors.

I don't have any hearing loss but do have raging tinitus that have always had. Sometimes worse than others.

Dustboy    pirate
08/12/2010 at 20:51
The mask is about the size of your avatar, bit bigger maybe, sort of curly shape, sits in ear but not custom made so it can fall out, especially when you eat! That horrid pink pretend flesh colour. On off & volume, just hisses white noise, you set it to just about be in the background and it is supposed to gradually calm it. It does work but doesn't kill it completely. Does that help? Got it from hearing therapist on NHS, they are about £100 a side private though. Silly thing is, I am trying to send mine back coz I have aids now (hearing ones!) & they are not returning calls. You may be the person waiting for one! They are all disinfectable and they get passed from one patient to the  next dependent upon need.
Dustboy    pirate
21/12/2010 at 11:37

Here's the link - at last

01/05/2014 at 20:37
Hi all, I am new to this thread and also this forum. I am a teacher from London who is currently learning BSL. I run with a crew in London and am looking to start a group/crew for individuals who are deaf or hearing impaired. The idea being to try and get a collective together that run together socially ( or competitively!!) on a regular basis as I feel this is something overlooked in the running community and also, after reading a lot of the posts previous, something that people would like to do but haven't yet for fear of many things including safety! Unlike the running 'clubs', this would be a less formal affair however, runs would always have at least one signer who is an experienced runner and could help pace the group for those wanting to improve. This is currently just an idea but I have the resources and group to hand that will help make this happen and I am passionate about making it so. Please any questions/comments/advice/contacts get in touch

Danny Wood (

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