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08/11/2007 at 14:17
What's with all the runflux spam, Huw? Stoppit!
08/11/2007 at 15:00

I started running specifically because I had a dodgy knee

It's much better now

08/11/2007 at 15:49
I have knackered my knee and running keeps me going as it builds the muscle which holds the leg together.
08/11/2007 at 20:14
08/11/2007 at 20:16

What i meant to say

Running is ok. BUT

Falling in Love is hard on the knees

if you listen to Steven Tyler and Aerosmith

08/11/2007 at 20:25
My husband's an orthopaedic surgeon, and has taken up running in his mid-forties despite having had knee surgery as a young 'un (ie. he hasn't got perfect knees to start with). If he felt it was doing more harm than good he wouldn't do it (an intellectual orthopaedic surgeon, really) - so it must be OK!!
08/11/2007 at 23:30

A lot of ex pro footballers have dodgy knees because they were pros - lots of pressure on them to play through injuries.  I used to play football and rugby and while rugby can result in some pretty horiffic injuries (but hey they were always good to look at or talk about afterwards) football has a much greater risk  of traumatic injury.

 Running in a straight(ish) line in running shoes without any injuries is good for your knees.

10/11/2007 at 11:54

I had peak weight of over 15 stone, started running at 14 and a half, upper end of good weight for me is 10 stone 6.  At my worst I was having to take breaks on the walk back from the supermarket and going up the 2 floors to my flat. I was also getting a lot of pains in my knees.  At the time I started running I was gradually re-gaining weight having lost it on the Atkins diet, and felt I was looking at ending up in a wheelchair if I didn't do something to change my course in life.

2 years on I'm 13 stone and gradually losing at the moment.  I can now run 3 miles without stopping to walk.  I have confirmed-by-xray osteoarthritis in my neck, and would give good odds I've got it mildly elsewhere, including in my knees.  But my knees generally feel better.  My neck certainly gets more painfull if I don't run for a while.  I did go through a stage where my knees started giving me problems, but that turned out to be due to core stability issues: I guess when you are generally as unfit as me to start with then just getting the big muscles fit is not enough to ensure you don't get injuries.  I had a prescribed course of core stability classes (mostly pilates) which sorted that out.

I guess my message would be that you might have to put up with slow progress if you have underlying problems, and take extra care if you are generally unfit to start.  But I've done 2 marathons and 3 halves and I'm not in that wheelchair!

Talking of rugby and wheelchairs: has anyone seen wheelchair basketball?  (Do they call it murder ball or something?)  Anyway, I saw a film on it once, and most of the players seemed to be ex rugby players who'd broken their backs and still didn't want to give up rugby!

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