Dog Walking...

..a serious question (!!!)

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02/06/2003 at 13:45
Anyone know of anyone that does provides dogwalking services in the Beckenham area?
02/06/2003 at 13:57
would walk your 2 anyday TD but don't live in Beckenham
02/06/2003 at 14:10
*hmphf!* (Dr Nic flounces off, adjusting her little white hat)
02/06/2003 at 14:32
couldn't you get the train up FBF??!

Nic...just doing some market research..see if you demands for 24K, car, horse, all the drink you can drink etc etc are reasonable !?!??
Suffolk Punch    pirate
02/06/2003 at 14:37
I've heard dog-walking is a great way to meet women, I'll pay you a fiver....
02/06/2003 at 14:39
TD - stick em on the train down to me. they won't cause any problems.

<waits for hell to break out>
02/06/2003 at 14:39
You walk one & I'll walk the other, SP, then you get to meet me!
02/06/2003 at 14:42
per dog, SP?
02/06/2003 at 14:43
how many boyfriends you have, and how many more you like to have?

and the question is for....

Dr Nic

TD, why don't you kill your dogs (cut their veins in hot bath so they don't suffer)
02/06/2003 at 14:43
run, like the wind! Save yourself!
02/06/2003 at 14:50
Jose...are you alright? why would I want to do that?
02/06/2003 at 14:52
to save money

now, if SP paid for walking them, it's a different story
Suffolk Punch    pirate
02/06/2003 at 15:09
Hey - don't you mean you get to meet me Nic?

02/06/2003 at 15:23
Jose, why would TD kill his dogs? What a harrowing tale! No boyfriend, and no dog either, to answer your rather impertinent question.
02/06/2003 at 15:29
so you are in the pull then?
02/06/2003 at 15:30
In the pull? I was in the pull earlier, I swam a 1000m time trial. It was nice but a bit crowded.
02/06/2003 at 15:31
good one doctor

i haven't been in the pool since ages ago
Suffolk Punch    pirate
02/06/2003 at 15:36
Damn - and I can't swim!
02/06/2003 at 16:20
I knew asking a sensible question was never going to catch on!
02/06/2003 at 16:29
you expected more?
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