Education maintenance allowance for 6th form

What should it cover?

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14/09/2005 at 15:49
I'm with FR on this one. SnottBox Minor wasn't forced to work at weekends - he wanted to to augment his income, such as it was.
Yes, children have the rest of their lives to worry about work, but at 17/18/19 they need to be starting to either take responsibility for themselves, or at least learning how to.
You don't get anything for nothing, and all that. I considered it my duty as a parent to show him how to fend for himself - and all in the comfort of his own home!
Duck Girl    pirate
14/09/2005 at 16:21
Parents are embarrasing, old fashioned, and listen to really uncool music.'

Depends on how old they are - Dad gets quite cross that I nick his Pink Floyd albums - for some reason he doesn't understand this great compliment that I'm paying him ;)

I think Saturday jobs depend on the circumstances.
My weekends generally looked like this:
Saturday - am. odd jobs, Aerobics class with Mum, Tesco's. pm coursework.
Sunday am church, pm help at local special school.

I didn't get much time at home on weekdays - basically I'd usually get back at 8pm, eat & sleep - & I'd usually go out on Fridays if at all 'cos it saved travelling time.

- being something of a swot I did actually spend most of my spare time doing coursework, & spent Sunday afternoons volunteering at a local special school - partly 'cos i liked it & it was a great relief from the rest of the week, & partly 'cos it looked good on a UCAS form - & I think that did me a lot more good in the long term than if I'd had to work in Tesco's simply for the cash (I'm now doing a psychology degree, & having stacks of 'work experience' from about age 14 is supposed to be really useful when it comes to looking for a postgrad job). Given I'd also got a really long journey on weekdays, I don't think it would have been possible to sustain a regular part-time job.
I suppose I'd want to ask what else they'd be doing with their time if they weren't working - if it's something you think is valuable for them (& a certain amount of mucking-about is - i don't think i did nearly enough), then probably best to avoid a p/t job if you can get by without.
Casual work can be a lot better 'cos then it doesn't have to be done during 'cramming' - I was lucky 'cos Dad's self-employed so there was always work on tap in the hols, but I also did babysitting - I ended up being known as the local 'special needs' babysitter - which again has helped with my Uni course - & I also did the odd bit of facepainting, more-or-less by mistake after being asked to help at the church fete.
15/09/2005 at 16:25
DG - you're not at Luffbra are you, by any chance? SnottBox Minor is studying Psychology there.....

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