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09/10/2002 at 19:45
Tried gels yesterday for the first time in a long run (22 miles) - normally I use a Carbo drink. I took the first at around 11 miles, and found it started to help around 2 - 3 miles later. The second at 17 miles did'nt do a lot though ... too late - but was a confidence booster ! Getting a bit cold and dark by that stage.
09/10/2002 at 19:54
I've read elsewhere that gels can upset your stomach so was unsure about using them.

Also i'm just starting to run over 12 miles so Is this the time to start trying gels,bars etc.

What about when i'm running under 10m would it be a waste of time using gels,bars etc.

Finally am i correct in thinking energy bars pre run & protein bars post run.

Sorry for so many questions but i'm pretty new to this running game as i'm traing for next years FLM also plan to run Barns Green 1/2m in a couple of weeks
09/10/2002 at 20:40
I can't eat much before a race and certainly not a breakfast so an energy bar helps out there. Plus one just before the start staves off the hunger. I used an energy gel on a half marathon - safety pinned it to the inside of my waistband and just ripped it out when needed - and it seemed to help but the psycological comfort it gave was probably as important as it's fuelling effects.
10/10/2002 at 13:20
Johnboy, I am doing the dublin marathon at end of the month and as such have been building up to 20 mile runs on a sunday morning. To date I have not used any gels/bars but only Luc sport. If I compare my 15 mile+ runs over the last 2/3months the best runs have always happened after eating either large pasta dish, chinese or Mrs W's home-made fish pie the night before followed up by cornflakes and banana next morning. Combine this with plenty of sleep and you'll be fine. Its very easy to get over concerned about bars/gels etc (as I have done in the past) but night before carbo and a decent brekky should normally see you through!!
10/10/2002 at 14:15
For those worried about the effects on the stomach through taking energy drinks/gels, I suggest taking two Immodium (or similar diarrhoea capsules) when you wake up on race morning, it has helped me on my previous 2 marathons, even though I'm bunged up for 3 days afterwards ! It's also a confidence thing, you just KNOW you won't need to worry during the race.
11/10/2002 at 18:24
Dirt Tracker

I must be really sad because I just have visions of all u runners eating big breakfasts, taking gels, and bars and then taking IMODIUM. It seems like sticking in a cork!
11/10/2002 at 20:56
Hi Colin,
Well my breakfast on race day is very light, only toast and a banana. Running sometimes makes me a bit fragile in the stomach area so it just ensures I can get through a marathon without worrying. I don't bother on any race shorter though.
11/10/2002 at 21:06
i've never tried an energy gel...just make a good job of carbo loading the 2 days before a marathon....i'm not very good at sugary things, but quite like some bread or chocolate at 17 miles or so....
i'm doing a marathon on sunday, and am planning on drinking diluted powerade, and i've got a couple of cereal bars for desperation...
12/10/2002 at 10:51
I'm new to running and the runners world forum and would like to thank everyone for their response.
It certainly gives a good x section of views and info.

Once again many thanks
John B

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