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20/07/2015 at 05:44

Lit - I've booked the Bedford Harriers half marathon on December 6th. 

Welshpoppy - I've been using the Polar strap / Garmin transmitter combo for seven weeks now, and it has been rock solid. 

Tricialitt - if you haven't already read it, I highly recommend "Advanced Marathoning" by Pfitzinger and Douglas. You are at the right level of training to be able to follow the same plan. More recently I've also bought Pfitzinger's new book "Faster Road Racing" which covers 5K to Half Marathon distances and has some good base-building plans.

20/07/2015 at 09:30

Tenjiso: That is great to hear will get the polar strap.I am also getting the  new Pfitzingers book I have the marathon one it is very good but not planning on another marathon anytime soon but I am trying to conquer the half marathon with a 5 year plan.


Good luck with the Bedford half.

20/07/2015 at 12:19

Tenjiso- I have the book, but I can't stick to their plans- am going to try a modified version- where I do kms instead of miles for the midweek runs, but do the full distance for the week ends, as they get criticised for being too short anyway.

If I survive that, then I will try moving up to the full plan one day.

20/07/2015 at 14:57

WP - good luck with the strap, hope it works as well for you as it has for me. The new Pfitz book is written in a similar vein to "Advanced Marathoning", which makes it much easier to follow than the earlier "road racing for serious runners".

Tricia - it is very tough getting in the longer midweek runs, especially through the dark winter months. It's good discipline though, which helps when the going gets tough on race day 

I've just waved goodbye to the wife and kids as they fly out to China this afternoon . I have to wait a month before I can join them. Time to stock up the freezer with ready meals, lest I become emaciated 

01/08/2015 at 06:52

How is training?

02/08/2015 at 09:53

Hi Welshpoppy.

I've been a bit under-the-weather this week (probably a virus) and had to skip my planned midweek LT run. Nonetheless I still covered 24 miles in four runs, and ran 10m this morning slightly faster than last week at the same average heart rate. 

Two months ago I ran 6m at 11:23 pace with an average H/R of 147bpm. Today was 10m at 10:25 pace with 145bpm average H/R. All my other runs show similar improvements - at least one minute per mile faster across the board. I've been very strict with controlling my effort by heart rate, which makes for good comparisons.

So I'm happy with progress so far. I'd like to see another minute knocked off the times, but slowly slowly catchy monkey.

I weighed 14st (196lb) back in April, and today weighed-in at 12st 7lb (175lb). Which is a bonus 

03/08/2015 at 20:33

Well done on the progress Tenjiso- 1.5 stone weight loss, and a definite improvement in pace/ HR is good going,

How's the "home alone"diet going?

03/08/2015 at 21:44
tricialitt wrote (see)

How's the "home alone"diet going?

Well, I suppose it's a bit like living on hospital food  

I'm desperately trying to complete an assessment which is due before I go on holiday, so the ready meals have been a great time-saver. They are better than they used to be a decade or so ago - thank goodness. I won't be sorry to get back to proper food when my assessment is complete! 

09/08/2015 at 09:52

At the start of the week I had a bit of a blow-out. Super-size pizza (to myself), chocolate (I'm not even that keen on chocolate), cakes (I'm not even that keen on cakes either!) and a couple of beers (don't ask! ). I skipped a planned (recovery) run, and replaced an LT session with a straightforward GA (Aerobic) run. I think the pressure of study and having to get an assessment finished got to me and I had to vent some steam. I've put on two pounds in weight. So you'd think that my overall running and fitness must have suffered. Quite the contrary – this week was a breakthrough week! 

My 6m GA on Wednesday was average for my current fitness level. I skipped the following day's recovery then ran another 6m GA on Friday. My pace had improved by 23 seconds per mile (at the same level of effort – using strict heart rate monitoring). Nice – but maybe a fluke.

My 4m recovery run on Saturday was 15 seconds faster per mile. Finally, I ran 11m MLR (medium-long run) this morning 19 seconds per mile faster than I ran 10m last week! 

A similar thing happened about a month ago, and I find this happens periodically during sustained training campaigns. It's as if a switch is suddenly flicked. Or perhaps I'm a character in the Matrix version of an online RPG game and have just “levelled-up” after spending a month building up my experience points. Whatever the reason, I wish I could bottle it!

09/08/2015 at 11:06

All sounds good. Except: 'not that keen on cake'. WTF? You probably haven't put on two pounds though; some of that will be retained water. You know the way you get all bloated when carb-loading because the extra glycogen makes you hold on to water? You basically accidental-carb-loaded.

09/08/2015 at 12:24

Good point Lit - I guess I did give myself a rush of carbs  Hopefully the weight will fall off again this week.

09/08/2015 at 12:37

Small fluctuations in weight like that after "unusual" food intake aren't real weight gain- as Lit says above- it's all fluid and stuff. It's the same as when you seem to lose tons of weight in the first few days of a diet- it's not fat that you've gained or lost.

Well done on the sudden step up in level- the guys on the Hadd thread always said the same thing- you'd seem to plateau for a few weeks, then suddenly all your paces would improve for the same HR values. Long may it continue!

09/08/2015 at 15:00

That is brilliant news on progression to the next level

I agree with ^^^ it will fall off I am on a healthy lifestyle and occasionally go off the rails and usually find I maintain my weight.

11/08/2015 at 14:56

Tenjiso, have to admire your enthusiasm and your ability to stay positive.

Can't believe no-one has pointed this out before (my apologies if they have!), but if you're still aspiring to a GFA time, then it's 3:20 you need, not 3:15. And if you want to have an even longer-range plan, then this becomes 3:45 for a 60-year old man.

So you're already five minutes closer than you thought you were!

16/08/2015 at 10:07

Thanks rodeoflip, though I can't claim to be positive all of the time. I do try, though. By the time I achieve a GFA I'll probably be 90  

Just a quick update as I'm off to the airport shortly. Really looking forward to being reunited with my family. My young son has told me that the public are allowed access to a 400m running track just over the road from my flat, so hopefully I'll get in a couple of speed sessions while I'm away.

On Tuesday I ran my LT session and that showed a good improvement in pace to tick all the boxes for me. better still, I ran another 11m MLR yesterday and showed another 15 seconds-per-mile improvement in pace. 

I'm taking running gear with me so I can try to keep up the improvements. It will be much hotter than in blighty, but I'll continue to train to heart rate.

Bye for now.

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