Fun Runs overpriced?

Kids/parents being ripped off

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22/08/2014 at 15:49
cougie wrote (see)
Imagine if the British 10k had a kids fun run. That would be interesting.


"Still cheaper per inch than the London Marathon charges for a gold bond......."

22/08/2014 at 17:22

No worries Mouse, hadn't had my running fix for the day so probably a little snappy on my part  Just had a lovely 5 miles around country lanes, only traffic I came across was a tractor. 

Agree about the need to pick carefully and follow local clubs events. I did a trail run on my birthday this year, the Talaton Trotter with just 70 odd people taking part. They held free kids races on the village green, egg and spoon races for kids up to adults with a great bbq and stalls selling various local dishes and drinks. Maybe i'm a little spoilt at times down here in Devon. 

22/08/2014 at 17:31

Oh organisers know that running is a complete cash cow, so away from many of the club organised ones, it's a minefield!

Sadly, many will pay £30 odd quid for a 5k and have some dye thrown at you, etc etc..more fool them eh..but the more people pay, the prices will go up and up.

It's a jungle out there

22/08/2014 at 20:08

Personally - maybe I'm weird - I just can't see the point in paying to run a race with a load of other people you don't know pushing and shoving you. Running is free! That's one of the most attractive things about it. What are you actually paying for? The right to run on a road? A crappy medal or t-shirt? I can't see the logic.

I do parkrun occasionally. If that wasn't free I'd be willing to pay a quid. It's not worth more. I could run the route on my own and time myself.

People pay £20 quid for a 10k! It's craaaazy.

22/08/2014 at 20:54

Andrew, why post on an internet forum where other people can read and reply to your post? why not just set up your own 'free' website and blog away? 

Some of us like the social aspect of running. The meeting of new (and old) friends. The way the crowd carries you along when the going is tough during a race. The rivalry you spark up with someone halfway into a race even though you're both halfway down the field and don't know each other, and after all that effort may never see each other again. It doesn't stop you feeling bloody brilliant about beating them mind!

That feeling you get from hitting a pb, whether it's parkrun or a marathon. If all the events you do are made up of people pushing and shoving each other I think you're doing the wrong events.

I don't care if the medals crap, it's the only bloody medal i'm going to win and the t-shirts are handy for work and even running if they're tech.  

As far as 'what are you paying for' goes you could just buy the cd or download the album but if you've never been to a concert you're missing the point.

If you only ever buy cheap supermarket plonk and have never sat in a beer garden, listening to a band then you're missing out. 

If you never run with other people, well they're not missing out by the sounds of it. 

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