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13/09/2002 at 21:03
My goals...

1. to complete the Nike 10K, was aiming for 60 mins but will just try and get round.
2. to improve this time on the 06/october in a local race
3. Keep running till Im 70 when i might be able to win a prize....

14/09/2002 at 03:47
Benz -- my friend's hubby is doing his MD and it's driving her nuts nevermind him :)

neilruns -- see, that's what I meant, I think a PB to some people is just as important a focus as "fighting" cancer - see to me, my fighting cancer is something I don't have a say in and have to do regardless of what I want. Whereas a PB, is like an ambition and dream to achieve with a sense of achievement. I doubt I'll have that sense of achievement once the chemo and radium is finished, I think I'll be just so glad it's over :)
14/09/2002 at 13:16
I only have 1 goal, having done the GSR two out of the last three years - My goal is to complete the 2003 running the whole way!!!
Oh yes and World Peace!
14/09/2002 at 13:36
I'm having to do a lot of thinking about running cos I've found it hard recently. So here goes :

1. To run that wretched Windsor half in 2hrs. 5mins (did 2hrs 8mins today over a very hilly course with a dog fight half way)

2. Maybe to think about increasing my speed over the next year - this year I've focused on distance and I think 13.1 miles is at least about 3 miles too far for me

3. But then the Reading half... hadn't thought about it but it would be a shame to let this level of fitness and endurance dwindle away over the winter

4. To try and increase my decision making skills - or maybe I should do some kind of course - what do you think...?!
iron fraggle    pirate
14/09/2002 at 15:12
maybe you ned to set up a task force to look into that last issue daisy!
14/09/2002 at 16:15
Hi cath .Was up as well as you but was in HDU with a patient.
So no foruming
Home now post mega shop and gymAm stuffing down sarnie
Hope youre ok!
14/09/2002 at 16:37
My goals are:

to run 5k in under 30mins (PB 31.12)
10k in under 60mins (PB 65mins)

to complete the GNR in under 2 and half hours and run all the way.

Long term goals maybe do another marathon and be much better prepared than my very sorry attempt in 1999.

To consitently run 10min miles.

To keep running until I'm very old.
19/09/2002 at 17:26
thought I would boing this up in case anyone wants to add their goals
19/09/2002 at 21:26
ok, well here goes:


5 mile - sub 30, 29:49 through first 5 of 5.6 mile course (July 17)
10K - sub 38, close but no cigar (yet!) - 38:16 (March 17)
1/2M - sub 1:23, 1:22:47, (Sept 15)

5 mile - sub 29:30
10K - sub 37
10M - sub 60
1/2 M - sub 1:20
M - sub 3:00 at FLM

M - sub 3:00 at Boston

Can't think any further ahead than this and am already sweating just from re-reading what I just typed, :-)

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