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15/07/2003 at 10:24
Is there any demand out there for people to meet up for running in and around Greenwich Park? The local clubs (Blackheath Harriers and Cambridge Harriers) are both quite a way away. I was wondering whether there is any untapped demand for people to meet up in the park at weekends on a loose informal basis?
15/07/2003 at 13:41
You can count me in, a 11 minute miler, female always looking for running partners.
15/07/2003 at 13:47
I run through the Park and across Blackheath one or two evenings a week most weeks (on the way home from central London down to Kent). There always seems to be dozens of runners especially on a Tuesday - they look to be fairly well organised so I suspect that a local club arranges to meet there in the summer months.
15/07/2003 at 14:10
I would volunteer but I don't think you're planning to do this at 6am, are you?!?!

While I am here, can I ask if anyone knows of a race that took place on or around Blackheath last Sunday (13th)?

15/07/2003 at 14:15
It was the Race for life 5K on blackheath.
15/07/2003 at 14:35
Don't be ridiculous. I would not imagine running at 6am. Although I do find 8.30 on a Sunday is always a good way of working off a hangover.
15/07/2003 at 16:04
Sorry cb, that's the only time I can be bothered to run!!!!

Thanks dmk.
15/07/2003 at 16:05
Forgot to ask: did you do the race dmk? If so, how did you get on?
15/07/2003 at 16:10
No I did it last year, wish i had done this year, unfortunately I had already signed up for the British 10K in London, when dates were announced.

15/07/2003 at 16:15
You chose the wrong option, if you don't mind me saying! Did the British 10k last year and that was plenty. Don't think I'll ever get anywhere near it.
16/07/2003 at 17:07
I always wondered if there's anyone from Greenwich Park on the forum. Now I know!!
17/07/2003 at 11:29
I think that the answer to you question though is "very few".
17/07/2003 at 11:33
see 1. the City and South East London, and 2. Beckenham threads on the Beginners forums - I'll b-o-i-n-g them up for you.
17/07/2003 at 12:20
am a fellow greenwich parker!

in response to the nearest clubs being miles away, there are two in dulwich - dulwich park runners (my one!) and dulwich runners - only about a 20 min drive to reach either?
17/07/2003 at 12:59
I'm a Greenwich Park-ite as well. Like Wayfarer though I'm usually there at 6am. (Which means Wayfarer that we've probably seen each other once or twice...)

I don't drive which means clubs a 20 minute drive away aren't very handy for me - so I'd definitely be interested in meeting up occasionally for group runs.

Cheers, Soo.
17/07/2003 at 13:25
Hi SBD, we must have! I also don't drive - finally found a soul mate !!!!

Seriously though, I am only there once or twice a week. I am usually there to do hill reps, go through on my way to Shooters Hill and Oxlea (sp? forest, or go round 3/4 times if I don't fancy going any furher.

Is that you in the pic? If so, is that how you look now? I've got someone in mind but I am not too sure!

17/07/2003 at 18:34
Hi Wayfarer -

That is me in the pic - and it's a recent one so that's pretty much what I look like these days. However, at 6am when I'm running - I look less smiley, more sweaty, hair all over the place and no make up... I'm either by myself or with my friend on Tues/Thurs(she's tall and looks like a runner - me, not so much).

I generally puff out a hello and wave to everyone I pass - perhaps I'll have to add 'are you wayfarer???'

See you soon (even if we don't know it!)
Cheers, Soo.

17/07/2003 at 19:27
Craft Boy

Are you anywhere near Plumstead or Welling because there is another club called Plumstead Runners.

They are an extremely friendly group. If you want to know more about them there web site is:

See you around Greenwich park one of these days
18/07/2003 at 09:13
Thanks for the suggestion but in response to the question: no, not really. I live near Blackheath Standard and work in central London so Plumstead is still quite a way (albeit much closer than my club in Reigate, Surrey). Perhaps the simple answer is that I bite the bullet and go out and buy a car!
18/07/2003 at 09:26

Yes, you do that (ask people whether they are Wayfarer) and one of these days you'll get a 'yes' back (after an infinite number of quizzical stares)!!!!

Also, you can't be the person I was thinking of if you 'puff out a hello and wave to everyone', just like me! The person I was thinking of is not into that at all: I used to smile/wave/say hello every time I saw her, but I hardly got anything back so I gave up in the end!

No worries, I'll be looking out for 2 naturally (ie no make-up) beautiful ladies, one taller than the other. That shouldn't be too difficult!! As for me, if you see a diminutive figure coming at you at the speed of light then you'd know it's me (well, one of those 2 things is true(ish))!!!!!

Btw, surely you must know that old asian-looking couple who are there most mornings?! Now those two I get on well with!!

See you around GP!
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