healing with reiki

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26/10/2006 at 19:11
normally I'd agree Martin, but if swimming is the only thing you've been doing for, whst 28 months is it, and you're not improving, doesn't it make you wonder?

none of my business really, and am not having a go, just thinking aloud.
26/10/2006 at 19:11
I actually wondered that too TD
26/10/2006 at 20:11
know what it is, op required waiting waiting waiting, nothing else, the system the cost. crap
26/10/2006 at 21:34

I'd send you some Reiki but..... oh not gonna go there
26/10/2006 at 22:46
mrs pig, u know beggers can't be choose'rs dont u????
26/10/2006 at 23:05
TDs - as a chemist - no, I can't explain it.
That is exactly the point.
I now realise there are many things in this world that scientific theory cannot explain (just as I'm sure in the 1800s, the equivalent to the Runners World website would have had a similar debate about things that we now take for granted as 'fact' and proven.)

No, I cannot explain why it works - I also know there are so many reasons why simply saying it is a placebo effect is insufficient (albeit, I strongly believe that 'belief' and convincing all aspects of your mind (and body and soul), is a huge step in the recovery process.)

Trust me, 20 yrs ago, I was exactly where you are now - everything had to have an explanation, everything had to be evidence based and 'factual'. As I go through life, I realise there is so much none of us can explain.

Good luck anyway, whether you choose to deny, or choose to believe - either way you can be 'right'.
26/10/2006 at 23:12
I've only got to page 4 reading this, but I had to jump in!!!

I was a total sceptic until 7 years ago. My friend (who is barking)is a reiki practitioner. She came up to visit one night when I 'd been suffering from a chronic constipation that no amount of All Bran or Laxatives were shifting. She placed her hands on my gut and I actually felt the energy go through me like a tingling sensation. It was weird. And it worked! I'm a person of science and work in the medical profession and was very sceptical, but that worked for me. I was amazed and went on to do my reiki one and two.

27/10/2006 at 08:32
I went to see my lady. She is actually a spiritual healer.
I took ages to actually clear my mind (she told me after that I was upsetting her as my emotions were so agressive). At one point I had to bite my lip as I was gonna cry. Once I managed to batten down my thoughts abit I totally relaxed & felt really heavy. She had to ask me to wake up after as the plinky plonky music had stopped & I just sat there.
I got weird tingling in my scalp, but I didnt feel any specific heat anywhere. 20 mins after she'd finished I felt high & merry, like i'd been drinking. Weird!
She said she felt drawn to work on my legs, particualrly my knees & calves. I said thats from my running! Cool!

The best bit was the fact she knew the moment I walked in the door that I was really strong (mentally) & my confidence has rocketed after this break up! I feel exactly like that too!
I think I may go get me some more healing!
27/10/2006 at 09:32
good effort, glad things r looking like they maybe on the up;0)x
20/11/2006 at 12:31
just back after my reiki ses, I went to the pool first thing for a few lengths and then on to the reiki. hows it going would you could ask??? well I do find it totally relaxing, am I fixed?? well no, state---cronic groin injury wait for an op.I dont know myself how fixable this sort of treatment is with reiki, has anyone got a comment of experience with this sort of thing???? what cures have been done out there. not paying for any of this treatment, just out of luv.
15/12/2006 at 16:12
We had a girl in the office who did it. Prior to a mid week race i used to try and get her to do it at lunch. It was very relaxing, i had my knee reconstructed in April 2005, and found that the creakiness and the dull pain did reduce. I also found that i ran abit smoother afterwards.
16/12/2006 at 23:22
jamie, thats good to know, it does seem to have done not much for me but the relaxing bit i'm sure is doing me some good.

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