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30/06/2010 at 23:03

Hi guys, I'm a newbie here and some help would be appreciated. I play a lot of football but obviously the season is up so I started running a few days ago. I'm 16 (just to let you know incase this may help you help me, if you get me.) So basically I'm 16 and I've started running.

I bought those trainers, but after about 5 minutes my legs are in pain in my calfs mosltly but all over. I wonder if it's me? Or is it the trainers?

Many thanks

Jack x

30/06/2010 at 23:19

You need to get trainers fitted properly. 

I imagine that JJB has good staff and bad staff, so you might have been unlucky with who ever sold those to you.

30/06/2010 at 23:25

Its best to go to a specialist running shop- they will find you the right shoes for your style of running.  But the most important thing is not to get disheartened.  When you start its the hardest time and gradually it gets easier........ I promise !

Good lucK

30/06/2010 at 23:28

Advice is appreciated. I just don't know whether I'm going to have to cut a loss with the trainers, or if it's my legs adapting to the running.

30/06/2010 at 23:29

Get yourself to a proper running shop and get your gait analysed.  People's feet move in all sorts of funny ways so you need the right shoes to do the job.  Take the Nike shoes with you, and ask whether they're the right ones for you.  It may be obvious from your gait analysis that they're not providing enough support / not enough cushioning, etc.

Also, bear in mind that in order to build up your running fitness you should be taking things at a very easy pace.  I imagine on the footie field you run round like a blue-arse fly for short bursts with rests in between (on nice soft grass) but getting used to running continuously over sustained periods of time (which is the best way to get fit and get your running muscles to adapt) requires an entirely different mind-set.  Patience is definitely a virtue.

First things first though - get to a specialist running shop.

30/06/2010 at 23:32
x-post - yes, definitely get the shoes checked out.  If they're not the right ones you might be able to get a refund if you''ve only worn them for five minutes.  Worst case scenario, you can keep them as your gym shoes, they're pretty snazzy. 
30/06/2010 at 23:33
Thanks a lot for your help man (:
30/06/2010 at 23:33

Would be wise to get your feet checked so you know what type of running shoes will
support your feet.

If you only started running in your new shoes. You need time for the feet to wear into the
cushioning. However, it might be you play football and is running short sprints.
Running is a little different and your muscles might feel greater strain.
But with further running, your legs will be able to cope.

I'm a runner and I had to play some football matches. As a runner, I thought it would
be a piece of cake. But as you run shorter sprints which is harder. I suffer painful
shin splints.

Run short distance. 1-2 miles slow until you start to cope. But if your legs hurt when walking.
Take it easy and stop running. Worse to have a injury especially at 16.

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