How have your 10k times improved?

From your 1st 10k to your current PB.

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06/12/2009 at 10:04
A lot of people  keep mentioning the word speed work. I personaly aren`t a huge fan of speedwork ,I find that I get lots of leg injurys.I suppose that method of training works for some people and not others.What I do know is that all of my PB`s have been at times when my weekly milage has been quite high. That also seems true to a lot of other people who have posted on this subject. Good luck all with your ambitions.
06/12/2009 at 13:42
i started taking running seriously about a year ago. In Feb this year I ran a 10km time trial at my club and clocked 41.50. Then in April I clocked 39.09 in Derby 10km. Built up my mileage to approx 40-50 per week over the summer and ran 38.20 in Sheffield in September.

Aiming for sub 37 in the derby 10km again next april. Since sheffield, ive done no "speed work", just lots of easy aerobic miles. Still clocked 39 in a time trial 2 weeks ago.

I'm 13 stone and can't get much lighter so just making the most of what i've got.

I'm sure with consistent running you'll knock minutes off your 1st 10km within the next 12 months. Train sensibly, race hard!
06/12/2009 at 18:26

Been running now for 9-10 weeks, only done 10K distance a handfull of times trying to get a decent time started with 52mins in training then in my 1st proper 10K race after 3 weeks training got a 48.05PB then last week in Wesham with another 6 weeks training behind me I clocked 44.51 which i'm still quite pleased with!!

I'm aiming to go better in my next race and the ultimate goal is a sub 40 hopefully some time next year, with that in mind i've added milage to my scheduled runs and an extra run on Saturday which is a fast 5K. 

06/12/2009 at 19:05
bloody hell you lucky lot!! maybe i shouldnt be on this thread as my 10k times havent improved much despite increasing my milage considerably and including quality sessions!
06/12/2009 at 19:17

my 10k has improved but really embrassed about the timing now....     everyone is soooooo fast !!!

First ever 10k Oct 2008 - 1hour38 !!! Was hungover and walked most of the way

September 2009 - 1hour 12 (with very litlle running training, i think twice)

November 2009 - 1hour 5 with running training once a week

I have increased my running training to three times a week. Tuesday 5-6 miles, Thursday the same and Sunday a slow 6/7ish miles. My aim for 2010 is to get it under 1hour.... I would honestley cry at the finish line if I could do that

06/12/2009 at 19:32
Does'nt matter what your times are, each and every one of us can be proud of the fact we're out there having a go!!
06/12/2009 at 19:57
Didzee the Snowman wrote (see)

Hi Jay

I did my first 10k in Sep 08 aged 41 and 14st10 in 55.36.

My most recent was last month aged 42 1/2 , 13st6 and in 50.36.

Got another in the morning and hoping to go sub 50.

I knocked a further 15 seconds off this morning, so not quite sub 50.
Dubai Dave    pirate
07/12/2009 at 06:13

To give hope to our older readers

2002   58:23 @ age 44
2003   44:30    45
2004   46:30    46
2005  45:03     47
2006  48:13     48
2007  45:45     49
2008  41:08     50
2009  41:12     51 One week after a marathon so probably faster than that.

Living proof that you can get quicker as you get older, in fact all my PB's from 5K to 90K have been set in past 18 months.

07/12/2009 at 08:50
Nice one Dave.  Sub-40 at 52?
07/12/2009 at 09:04

Thanks Dave - I'll take heart from your times.

 Mine go:-
2001  59:59 aged 50
2002  44:59  51
2003  44:15  52
2004  44:03  53
2005  43:23  54
2006  45:35  55
2007  45:27  56
2008  46:32  57
2009  43:43  58

 I'm very pleased to be back under 44:00 - now if only I can hang on to that pace until I'm 70 I could even start winning my age-group.

07/12/2009 at 13:37

I ran my first 10k aged 19 and clocked 37.30. I ran my PB 31.46 aged 27. I think I could have ran a bit quicker but I didn't train hard enough. Still it's all relative. I ran my last race just over three years ago - a 41.40 10k aged 40.

Consistent training was key for me. 

Basil Brush Mk II    pirate
07/12/2009 at 14:28

I did my first 10K in 2006, not really taking running very seriously until about a year or so later. My first 10K was 1:06 something, then the year after 1:00:06 (gutted!!) followed by 58:00 the year after.

This year I was marathon training when I did another 10K and brought my PB down to 54:12, which I was really pleased with. 

(I'm female, 5'4" and nearly 30)

10/12/2009 at 16:35

Hi Jay

 I'm 38 and started running in June, having played an occasional game of squash beforehand.  My first 10k in September was 55.25 and I was very please to drop that to 53.11 in October.  The big surprise came, however, in November when I clocked 49.45 on a course renowned for PBs (no it's not all downhill..!) which I was absolutely thrilled with.  For me, knowing how to pace myself was critical - ie not flying off at the start and paying the price later.

 Good luck

10/12/2009 at 16:45
Been running about 3½ years, just hitting 42 (years). First 10K times were in the 48mins area. I did a 42:43 earlier this year on the flat and am regularly hitting 43:00 on a hilly course whilst doing tempo runs.  I think it's just a question of finding somewhere flat to run to beat the PB. Would like to think sub 40 is possible this year, although focus point is marathons.
10/12/2009 at 20:31

10k PB on saturday 5 years to the day I did my first one...

41:36 in my first one and 37:43 on saturday.

I got it down to sub 40 on my 4th 10k but have about 6 times around the 39(39:53,39:55,39:56,39:19,39:05 and 39 unofficial) mark.I thought I was never going to beat it!

Quite injury prone so unfortunately never got going as much as I've wanted. Would be hoping for 36 odd in the coming year but we'll see...

11/12/2009 at 11:31

20 year old runner, was always quite into sports but stopped whenever went to university etc but only noticed when really struggled to walk dog up Slieve Donard mountain (Northern Ireland) how my fitness had really gone. Then when watching Great North Run 2008 (on t.v of course) how i would love to do that.

Since then...

First 10k- 15 March 2009- 52.10

Bupa Great North Run 2009- 1.44.04

Last 10k- 5 December 2009- 40.12

Just can't get enough running now and aim to break 40mins in the 10k where I started.

11/12/2009 at 20:18
Sounds like you have got the bug - i am forty two and started running to lose weight back in march this year have shed a stone in weight now and am feeling better for it.  It is strange how addictive it can be to beat your last race time and i definately think that runners are a particular type of person although I am not a competitive person in the workplac,. I really get a buzz out of challenging myself and doing new and different things.  40mins for a 10k seems like a challenge to me as the last one I did back in September I did in one hour eight minutes it sounds like your doing great , all the best to you !
14/12/2009 at 23:30

Did the 10k in London 2006 in a time of 50:02 with very little training.

then last year got an entry to the London marathon and did my first 10k in 46:06.

This summer been ticking over with 7 mile runs and managed the Hampton Court Cancer run in 44:20. Then the Wimbldon Audi in 46:40 when someone decided to put Wimbledon hill in the middle !! Then returned to the flat and quick Beddington Park 10k recently and popped in a PB at 42:59 !!!!! 

Next up the Tadworth 10 mile and the Perch !!! 

15/12/2009 at 11:06

My 10k times have just got worse.  My first (last year) - a flat course, I did 53.11.  A couple of months later I did a hilly race in 54.38.  This year I managed a sub 40min 5mile and then screwed up in the only 10k I ran - getting over 56 minutes.

Still run, still enjoy it, just can't get it together for races reliably!

15/12/2009 at 15:24

My first ever race was a 10k, run in May 2008 when I was 50. My time was 58:46.  My most recent 10k was last Sunday and I set a new PB of 49:32, which was my first time sub-50 so I was pretty pleased. 

 Funny thing is, when I ran that first race at just under 10 min/mile I couldn't imagine being able to go much faster, I was very chuffed just to finish, let alone finish in under an hour. Then when I did a 9 min/mile time I couldn't imagine ever being able to go much faster than that. Now I've just done an 8 min/mile time and I can't believe I could go any faster than that!  But judging by some of the times some "more mature" runners on this thread have posted, you never know!!

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