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16/08/2013 at 16:47

Have seen adverts for infrared home saunas, the price seems reasonable and am considering buying one for after workouts, etc.

The questions I would like to ask are:

Has anyone got one and are they any good??

Are there any benefits from having a sauna after workouts??

Having posted on here before I would appreciate sensible answers only - if that's not too much to ask!

16/08/2013 at 20:35

Sensible.... ooh, that's a big ask 

Ok, bit of a sauna lover myself.  Tried loads.  Don't have one, but I would if I could.  Here's the bottom line; a rubbish one is NOT better than nothing.  I've been in really good infrared saunas and they don't really work properly.  

There's a deep cleansing that you'll get from a normal sauna, that you just won't get with infrared.  I'm someone who really benefits from a sauna- I've got rid of colds overnight, or stopped them at the sniffle stage by hitting the sauna hard.  Infrared just won't cut it.

I recommend you go somewhere where they have one that can get at least nearly up to 100'.  I tend to go for a swim & have a sauna afterwards.  There are benefits.  The Scandinavians have been using them forever, to great effect.  Just learn how to have a proper sauna, as almost everyone I see at my local just minces around and doesn't reap the benefits.

Sensibile enough for ya 

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16/08/2013 at 21:19

Restoring my 'Faith' in the forums 'daddy!


Some good points made & given me a lot to think about - thanks for that

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