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is there an age when you wont do, or feel you cant do somethings and what is it

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01/02/2010 at 10:55
FB - It's not a question of 'giving up' it's a realistic assessment of what is and isn't possible as your body changes with age - especially if you have done many years of one kind of activity it can well impact on your ability to do others, hence my own inflexibilty through too much distance combined with weight training. In addition coz ize a laydee I have the dreaded post menopausal body alterations to cope with.
01/02/2010 at 11:03
BBH - I'm not questioning people on here giving up as clearly most haven't but I'm querying many who simply HAVE given up because they feel they are

a) too old (define too)
b) too busy (as are many)
c) too fat (do something about it)
d) too many excuses!!

yes, you have to be realistic and adapt your training and goals accordingly but that's no excuse not to try imho. I was listening to a 95yr old on the radio last week who is still abseiling and is doing a charity 220' abseil this May. If I get to 95 I want to be like her......
01/02/2010 at 12:46
FB -aren't you confusing excuses with reasons?
01/02/2010 at 13:24

There's nothing I've given up, or won't do, because I think I'm too old.

I don't wear tiny short skirts, or have acres of skin on show (except in the gym, or running in the summer) because I think it looks chavvy - whatever age you are. 

(Having said that, I think it looks even worse on the flabbier and/or wrinklier women!)

01/02/2010 at 13:50
At the ripe old age of 49 and 3/4 I have found that I can no longer pee quite as high up a wall as I could when I was 14
01/02/2010 at 16:36

Wilkie - I generally agree but have also developed a fear of looking like 'mutton'.

01/02/2010 at 18:54

hi buddha,

not yet to give up yet, just more realistic as to what my body is capable off,although i do keep pushin it and suffering for it sometimes.

my mind on the other hand is what gets me hurt,as it constantly tells me i can do things as well as i used to when i was 18

01/02/2010 at 20:33

I used to go for nights out where I could eat my cake and have it (some time later).  Can't cope with that like I used to.

Life's too short to give up on friends like I used to.  Used to think I could do it all myself, but now realise I need help.  I hope my friends are old enough to realise the same...

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