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17th July 2005

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debbo    pirate
20/07/2005 at 12:04
I can't believe how good you all look in the photos!

Congratulations again to all of you.

TC - looks like I'll have to cycle to FW before Lochaber next year too...I might do it on the friday though!
20/07/2005 at 12:24
PHEW.....that was a long trawl....amazing stuff, so many peeps about "virtually" all!

Well a spot of lunch maybe a bit of work and better start that race report....

20/07/2005 at 12:28
lol Count - I bet she's sooooooooo proud of you!

Probably not enough to let you do another one though! Hee Hee
20/07/2005 at 12:29
I'm sure she's very proud of you TC.

20/07/2005 at 12:42
Absolutely fantastic, well done to all!!!
JD.    pirate
20/07/2005 at 13:40
dodge - i immediately thought that too when i saw the picture - there's a bit of a resemblance. i thought "ah, there's jan ulrich", no wonder he got dropped on the mountains if he was simultaneously doing an ironman!
cougie    pirate
20/07/2005 at 13:42
Cheers LDB - I can confess now - I am in fact Andrew Ridgeley.
20/07/2005 at 13:46
Hi all, Godzilla's mate Mike (and pirate supporter from the IronMan Zurich) here. I'm going to attempt to post a link to a gallery of pics I took on sunday, mainly from Heartbreak Hill(yes, i was one of those 3 nutter pirate supporters who remained at the top until everyone has done their 3rd lap!). Hope this works....:-)

20/07/2005 at 13:55
Mike's photies

WARNING - do not look at these if you are wavering about doing next year's IM. They will mess with your head!

Great pics Mike - the pirate suits must've been a godsend for spotting people!
20/07/2005 at 13:59
Hi mike - well done. and don't forget that it was agreed that you'd be coming along next year too (but in a racing capacity!)
M...eldy    pirate
20/07/2005 at 14:03
Superb photies Mike !!!

20/07/2005 at 14:04
Great photos, Mike, thanks!
20/07/2005 at 14:07

20/07/2005 at 14:11
how long did cougie spend sauntering around in transition? there are about 10 photos of him staring into space. that boy needs a rocket!
cougie    pirate
20/07/2005 at 14:17
What ?? I only spent 8 mins 47 there the first time. That's only 8 mins and 2 seconds longer than the winner.

I think I was getting the hang of it by T2 though - got it down to 8 mins 45.

Fantastic pics Mike !
20/07/2005 at 14:37
Candy, I don't think you'll be seeing me doing the IM next year after what i saw on sunday....But well done to everyone who competed on sunday :-)
20/07/2005 at 14:42
I'm not in any one of those :(

{after a quick shifty}
20/07/2005 at 14:51
That's coz you was too fast, County.
Daniel Benson.    pirate
20/07/2005 at 18:34
Just uploaded a batch of new photosright here

Daniel RW
20/07/2005 at 19:07
Pictures are great Daniel.

Does anyone actully use the aerobars at these events?

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