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17th July 2005

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20/07/2005 at 14:51
That's coz you was too fast, County.
Daniel Benson.    pirate
20/07/2005 at 18:34
Just uploaded a batch of new photosright here

Daniel RW
20/07/2005 at 19:07
Pictures are great Daniel.

Does anyone actully use the aerobars at these events?

20/07/2005 at 20:15
wow - dick can ride with no hands without falling off.

fat buddha for president!!!
Monique    pirate
20/07/2005 at 20:26
I know that impressed me no end.
Garr    pirate
20/07/2005 at 22:05
MilesToGo the pictures were mainly taken at the top of Heartbreak Hill, hence off the aero-bars.

I've finally read through the whole of this thread and I'd just like to say a huge thank you to all supporters! You've been fantastic. I've never had a weekend like that in my life.
20/07/2005 at 22:10
I don't think any of us have, Garr.
And I just loved that hostel. How laid back can you get? Fling bikes and bags everywhere? no problem. Fall asleep on the table (ahem)? no problem. Provide breakfast at 4am? no problem...

brilliant stuff.
Bouncing Barlist    pirate
20/07/2005 at 22:18
They dont even mind if you fall asleep in the lift :o/
20/07/2005 at 22:21

Was it when y'all tried to burn the hostel down, they objected slightly?
20/07/2005 at 22:25

You gave us all a fright.
I mean - I'd just lost two bouts of arm-wrestling; I wasn't going to be able to pick you up, was I?
oxymoron    pirate
21/07/2005 at 04:04
Just read through the whole thread, thanks a lot to everyone,(except anyone that said I look like Jan Ulrich!!) its fantastic knowing youve got such great support back home.

Whos coming next year then....?

21/07/2005 at 08:50
isn't jan ulrich well known for being a fat biffer?
oxymoron    pirate
21/07/2005 at 09:02
lol-hmmm, he drives like a tw@t, eats too many pies and has history of recreational drug abuse. Maybe theres something in this!!
21/07/2005 at 10:25
Who is Jan Ulrich?
oxymoron    pirate
21/07/2005 at 11:10
a numpty tour de france cyclist

21/07/2005 at 11:30
oxymoron    pirate
21/07/2005 at 15:31
so are all you loyal supporters going to continue your good work by coming to get drunk tomorrow?
21/07/2005 at 15:33
21/07/2005 at 15:49
Is it OK if I show solidarity by getting drunk here instead?
oxymoron    pirate
21/07/2005 at 16:05
good work shambler.

ss- No!
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