Is it rude to ask half marathon time ?

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27/11/2012 at 10:16

cow girl, following from Tenjiso's're amongst pals here, you wouldn't be the first runner to be giving it plenty about a race time, only to be confronted with someone who has monstered your time

I'll always rememeber some old depot guy at work telling me he'd run a 1hr 15 half at his peak..that humbled the young version of me. in fact it humbles the now version of me.

Seren, a lunch hour is always a lunch hour. The clue is in the name.

A lunch BREAK is a different thing completely.

Reminds me of the Inbetweeners exchange between Neil and his boss

"how long's my lunch hour"

(exasperated boss), "an hour"....

seren nos    pirate
27/11/2012 at 13:55

but stevie....its like a hoover.we all say hoover even though its any make but nowadays.....people still use lunch hour.......or they did last time i worked


27/11/2012 at 14:03

Yep, as far as my boss is concerned I have a "lunch hour" every day, but then my boss is in Holland, so I have also used my "lunch hour" for a 9 mile run around the canals of East London, with a change, shower and lunch thrown in.  I'm very time-efficient, me. 

27/11/2012 at 14:03

Sounds like he was interested in how fast you ran your half marathon.

"I ran 8 miles in my luch hour but broke my ankle." means he ran 8 miles in his lunch break and broke his ankle. He has probably never run a half marathon.

"Not bad" means he's impressed by your time for whatever reason.

He is a man, generally we say what we mean, don't read too much into it.

27/11/2012 at 14:49
PhilPub wrote (see)

Yep, as far as my boss is concerned I have a "lunch hour" every day, but then my boss is in Holland, so I have also used my "lunch hour" for a 9 mile run around the canals of East London, with a change, shower and lunch thrown in.  I'm very time-efficient, me. 

In a parallel universe here in my home office, I have managed to bend time in entirely the opposite way by making my lunch hour squeeze into a 5 minute frenzy of throwing butter, assorted meats, salad vegetables and mayo at some bread and returning back to me desk to cover my workspace, myself and my paperwork in crumbs and blobs of salad dressing.


27/11/2012 at 15:06
Cowgirl - you say "I'm a women and we are prefect", is that a reference to your time at school or did you mean "perfect"??
27/11/2012 at 15:08

It's not the best word to get wrong is it?  Like when I read on a job applicant's CV that one of his key attributes was "acuracy".

27/11/2012 at 16:16

Some people just make laugh. I appreciate them being interested in my hobby and want to talk about it, but one guy asking my half PB and then boasting his female friend did a charity half marathon after no training in 50mins, was interesting. Nothing I could say was gonna change his mind, so I just smiled and nodded haha. 

27/11/2012 at 16:47

Stevie - you pedant - Seren is spot on...the term lunch hour isnt supposed to be taken so literally.  In my lunch hour last week i took 1.5hours...i imagine that is hurting your noggin trying to compute

27/11/2012 at 17:47

Deano, don't worry, in reality I have the loose version of "Lunch hour" myself

Moon, the only way to deal with people like that is to utterly obliterate them with the truth.

Reminds me of a fat arrogant oaf of a salesman I used to have the misfortune to have to tolerate. Reckoned he could do 100m in 12secs. I think he'd struggle to do it in 18-20.

Best one ever was an asian chap at an old job. Reckoned he'd broken 10secs for 100m 20years back...

i believe only one non black man has ever broken 10secs in for this chap to have done it 20years ago was optimistic

27/11/2012 at 18:26
I just think people don't really understand what they're talking about and to who.

If someone's friend did a half marathon in 50mins with no training, it's more likely to have been a 10k. To a non runner 10k and halfs are probably the same thing and everyone knows The London marathon is the longest marathon in the world. It's not worth getting worked up on.

I have no idea what an footballers names are, who scored what, when and why and none of my football fan freinds are worried in the slightest.
27/11/2012 at 18:29
So cowgirl what was your time?
27/11/2012 at 18:31

You don't have any interest in football Tim, but I'd guess you don't come out with nonsense and present it as fact...that's what gets our goat with these types...

27/11/2012 at 18:42
I just generally ignore anyone who deliberately tries to wind me up with 'I could walk faster than that.' or 'I used to run x in y.' unless they follow it up with proper anecdotal training type comments.
27/11/2012 at 18:47

What about guys who are clearly runners, that tell you about their times 20years ago. Typically it'll be shockingly fast by today's standards, and even more typically there'll be no record at all.

Believe or not?

As for the wind up merchants, you're wise to ignore.

My work pals used to tell me that coming 50th out of 2,000 runners was a worse performance than coming 7th out of 100 runners , because 50th is lower than 7th

Edited: 27/11/2012 at 18:48
27/11/2012 at 19:18
Well then the gloves are off and it's black dog time.

Did I tell you about the time we ......

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