Its dark outside there anybody out there

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07/05/2005 at 20:02
I like malt loaf but what exactly does it get moving?
07/05/2005 at 20:04
Now you know how to take 10 mins of your PB stop picking the Sultana's out while you run...
07/05/2005 at 20:08
ha ha ha

I wondered what I was doing wrong!!!
07/05/2005 at 20:13
A very good question and I'll let you know after tomorrow's run ,also depends on how many dogs take a fancy to me or is it the malt loaf tucked in the waist band they are after as I don't do the energy gels?
08/05/2005 at 04:31
Its official - new no posting record of 2hrs 15min.
08/05/2005 at 09:27
Morning Cliffy - I've just applied for the night shift at work so if I get it we can keep the posts going through the wee hours of the night!
08/05/2005 at 13:01
You've actually applied to work nights.....very strange!!

Good luck with the application, most people in work prefer working nights to days but I find them hard going.

The only reason I do it is the money (that sounds greedy), shift money makes a big diference.
08/05/2005 at 13:02
Add an 'f' to that last post
08/05/2005 at 13:17
If you're greedy then I'm just as bad, it's a *very* big reason I'm applying for the job!!

Plus it's 4 on 4 off shift pattern so I would actually be able to have a weekend off every now and again without it being a big issue!!
08/05/2005 at 13:32
I work 4on/off for 7 months (summer) with 3 fixed 18 day breaks and 4 on 6 off during the winter.

I love the time off between shifts but the only problem is once you start working weekends its 6-7 weeks before you get a full one off.

Shouldn't moan really as theres's never going to be a perfect shift pattern and 4on/off is one of the better ones.
08/05/2005 at 13:42
I've just got to get offered the job now then!!!
08/05/2005 at 14:10
cliffy do you have sky tv? if so you ought to model youself on the dark clowns from tripping the rift, very stylish.
08/05/2005 at 14:53
I've just googled Tripping the Rift - looks good - some great lines from the clown:

"You may have dodged Death's cream pie today, but mark my words with a red grease pencil — the next time you might not be so lucky!"

"It's not cotton candy. It's the 'Clown Hair Club for Men.' You're not supposed to be able to tell the difference!"


Crushing his enemies under his floppy shoes
Smearing hot cotton candy all over his...umm, never mind
Killing his own witless stormtroopers

Road trips with too many clowns in one car
Being made to look like a pointy-haired chump
Mowing his lawn

All his ambitions are public, universal and unapologetically evil.

Great stuff!!!!!

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21 to 33 of 33 messages
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