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20/10/2004 at 22:59
Gary T

The way your lot are playing at the moment Lehman hardly gets a touch
20/10/2004 at 23:01
He did tonight, great header. Great goal, even if it was in the worng net.

BR, peops round here are counting the days till AFC Wimbledon overtake the MK Dons. If they meet thats one game I would wanna see.

20/10/2004 at 23:03
Best goalie I have ever seen - Peter Scmiechel (Man U)

Worst goalie I have ever seen - Paddy Roach (Man U)
20/10/2004 at 23:06
Gary, it would be great to see:-)

Like the day we overtake Leeds Utd;-)
20/10/2004 at 23:08
I'd take Niemi over Lehmann. And Martyn except when he comes for crosses. Wright was superb before his injury. Sorenson isn't bad either.

Dudek is only there coz Kirkland gets injured more often than Darren Anderton.
21/10/2004 at 08:21
Gary - Lehman is NOT the best keeper in the world. He is an excellent shot stopper, one of the best, but he's certainly not the best keeper out there. He's the weak link in the Arsenal defence, and I sincerely hope Arsenal don't manage to change their keeper because with a better keeper they'd be much harder to beat. Lehman makes far to many mistakes, is not commanding enough in the air, and has a penchant for hitting opposition players with his clearances - in fact, he reminds me of Calamity James (though not as bad!)

Better keepers in the EPL? Peter Cech comes to mind, he's been outstanding. Niemi & Cudicini were also better last season - but then they had more to do. I'll not go down the normal route and stay Kirkland, because he seems to be made of glass. I'd say Kahn is a better keeper (and I don't like him), much more commanding.

At the end of the day, Lehman has never lost an EPL match - but that's playing behind the best team in the Premiership. He's certainly contrived more than his fair shares of draws with his "impetuous nature" (as Sky put it).
21/10/2004 at 08:22
P.S he chews his chewing gum with his mouth open, so clearly he's a Fergie wannabe and therefore is irrelevant ;-)
21/10/2004 at 09:41
plod have you forgotten taribi? letting in that 30yd daisy cutter from le tissier through his legs........OH what?
lehmann screwed up last night...so he's bound to have a blinder on sunday!
21/10/2004 at 09:47
Lehman didnt screw up. He was being pro-active and got caught out. Sure he could've stayed on his line a bit longer, then it may have been a 1 on 1, the safe option which keepers never get blamed for. Thing is if you watch Lehman week in week out you get to realise that this approach benefits the teams attacking style of play, he's alomost like a sweeper.

Dandy, Niemi & Cudicini, Cech, yer right. You'll have to try better than that.

I'm not biased, I just reckon he's the best keeper in the world. There again I reckon Kolo Toure and Sol Campbell are the best centre backs in the world. Its all true you know :-)

21/10/2004 at 10:45
gary, what went wrong with manninger?
21/10/2004 at 10:53
Nice rose tinted glasses, those, Gary :-)

I like mine, better, though.

Speaking of which, good luck against the Mancs on Sunday :-))
21/10/2004 at 11:00
Travis B, Maninger was put out on-loan to Fiorentina and then moved on. I dont know the full story, bit like Silvinho really, and one can only assume he was frustrated at the lack of 1st team opportunities (hence the loan move). Good to see him playing for Austria the other day, and still think he was instrumental in our winning the 97 season, especially in the game at OT.

Rose tinted glasses - "we all live in a Perry Groves world".

21/10/2004 at 17:42
Quite happy with a point last night - it's not the hardest thing in the world to qualify from that group - the main thing is to pick up a point away, win at home and stay injury free (which we nearly managed last night.)

Anyway, it was an entertaining game - better than the scoreless draws and 1-0's we're so used to seeing with Utd and Chelsea these days.
22/10/2004 at 13:20
So, it's nearly time for THE BIG ONE!

It has 1-1 writ large all over it though.

No cheating little Norwgian beggar playing this time though, so can they play a whole 90 minutes without anyone being sent off.

With Scholes playing however, somehow I doubt it!
22/10/2004 at 13:30
Scholes? Does he play for Everton or Norwich?
22/10/2004 at 13:45
Yeah but Snoop it wasn't the Norwegian who cheated last time at OT.

Dont forget it was the Norwegian who chucked himself on the floor to get Sol sent off at Highbury.

It was Horse Face that over-reacted at OT to get Vierra sent off and then Forlan who chucked himself on the floor in the box to get the famous last-minute penalty (and we all know what happened then).

Come on, please own up, who actually felt that evil glow when Ruud Van Sh!thimself missed that pen, and his bottom lip started quivering when Keown jumped on him. Oh, just me, well maybe thats my childish streak coming ut.

22/10/2004 at 14:32
Hi Guys it's nearly time for the big Hawaii Five O, because I can't see Manu winning.I hope they do because there's only one team that I like to see holding records.ManU have to win, no two ways about it, but if try too hard they'll get exposed at the even with Rio there.Just read an article which was saying that they should get Collina to referee this game.Not a bad idea IMO.

Anyway before all that Pool play Charlton who did the double on us last year and Murphy will be back for the first time. If we play anything like we did in the first half against Deportivio it should be comfortable.
22/10/2004 at 14:35
somehow, the Toffees v the Canaries doesn't do it for me, the same way that the Scum V the Arse does - and I think Sky's viewing figures over the weekend will also reflect that!

Yeah, we got away with murder that day - Van Sh*te's never been the same player since then.
22/10/2004 at 15:59
funny!no one remembers pires' little dive against portsmouth last season.no mention of variuos dives executed by arse players over the years?i remember monkey boy getting totti sent off by feigning injury! c'mon let's face it all the bas**rds do it.we just don't mind if it's for our tem if we're honest.
i'll be at the big one with my son.for his sake i hope we win...my prediction 1-1.
22/10/2004 at 16:10
GT you will like this.

I for one hope that Man U get beaten by the gooners, coz i want to see Fergies face afterwards.

Wenger is mostly always a perfect gentlemen winning or losing. Strange that he is French!

As a supporter of the other team in north london - and a rare honest one, at that -that is saying something, I think
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