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24/02/2005 at 17:27
I agree with Nessie(3 times!) about the way life coaching seems to be evolving. There is very little difference in my book too. However, "life coaching" is in danger of attracting people without the experience and understanding of issues and self that counselling at an high level demands. What I am afraid of is the "dumbing down" that would result by peops going into this "in thing" for the wrong reasons and these reasons not being addressed and the dangers spelled out to trainees. It could be said that counselling is in similar danger, however mechanisms such as one's own therapy are in place in order to do the "self work" necessary. Life coaching doesn't appear to demand this as far as I know and this is where quality is lost and dangers abound. It is also dangerous to employ people who have had "authoritarian power" without adequately addressing the power issues:O)
24/02/2005 at 17:28
yes, they are a bunch of to$$ers, you're right
24/02/2005 at 17:30
...without meaning to make to$$ers feel in any way singled out or victimised on account of their to$$ing of course.
24/02/2005 at 17:30
Though,I am obviously more diplomatic than you Candy:O))
24/02/2005 at 17:31
diplomacy is the last refuge of the scoundrel
24/02/2005 at 17:32
well, either that or maybe France
24/02/2005 at 17:32
25/02/2005 at 11:20

One of the risks associated with using an unethical or improperly trained coach is the fact they may try and coach someone who actually needs some form of counselling. Either because they can't spot what the client needs or because the money is more important than the client

Another reason for some form of regulation to be intruduced?
25/02/2005 at 11:33
Regulation - the last refuge of scoundrels
25/02/2005 at 15:15
absolutely drew - that is downright dangerous as it could do more harm than good:O)

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121 to 130 of 130 messages
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