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19/11/2009 at 21:04
Hi everyone, now we're coming to the end of the year I thought it would be nice to take a moment to reflect on the things we've achieved in 2009 and look forward to the things we might do in 2010. I'll start...

The good stuff:
Joining a running group and meeting some super lovely fellow runners.
Giving up my gym membership and discovering how good it is to run outside.
Doing my first HellRunner and LOVING IT!
Breaking the 10mile mark.
Feeling like a 'proper runner.'
Getting my boyfriend out on a run after 18months of trying.

The bad:
Having a fight with a bin bag and twisting my ankle in a big way just before the Delamere 10k.
Still smoking. grrrrr.
Still haven't quit my job.

Doing my first HM.
Hopefully HellRunner round 2.
Quit my job!!
Get boyfriend out on his second run. One step at a time!
Doing a Helly Hansen challenge and other such muddy fun.
19/11/2009 at 22:37

LP8, sounds like a good year! You must tell me what worked to get your boyfriend out on a run at last. I'd love mine to like running too, but he's adamant he's not interested...

The good stuff:
Finishing dissertation for masters degree
Amazing holiday in California driving a convertible Mustang
Taking up running again and feeling amazing for it
Rediscovering reading fiction instead of textbooks
Camp Bestival - PJ Harvey and Bon Iver, and the fireworks were amazing

The bad:
Horrible run the other day getting hopelessly lost and running past a sewage works twice - ick.
Spending far too much of the summer in the library writing dissertation and missing out on the fun stuff

Running first marathon in under 4 hours?!?
Coming up with a fantastic fancy dress costume for Camp Bestival (thinking Captain Haddock at the moment)

19/11/2009 at 22:48
Best bits for me were doing my 1st HM and riding (most of) the Beast of Coed-Y-Brenin on my bike!
Worst bit- too much stress at work.
2010- hope to do my 2nd HM and have less stress at work
19/11/2009 at 23:18

Best bits -

Taking up running again but in a more serious way!!

Running my 1st actual race (Seaside 10K).

Signing up for my 1st HM in January and sticking to my training.

Signing up for my 1st Marathon yesterday (April 2010)

My last LSR 8 miles of madness, best run of my life!!

Finding a cracking new job!!

Bad bits -

My calves killing me for a week after my 1st 10K.

Getting made redundant.

My windy run this morning!!

2010 aims -

Complete my HM in sub 2 hrs.

Complete my marathon in sub 4 hrs.

Get a sub 45 10K time.

Enjoy my running!!

19/11/2009 at 23:18

This year:

What was hot:
PB's for 5k, 4 miles, 10k and 10 miles
My new camera
Being unemployed

What was not:
Being injured for months
Being 8 seconds short of going sub 20 minutes for 5k
Being injured for months
My inability to swim continuous lengths FC
Being injured for months
Not getting the money to buy tri gear
Being injured for months
My GF telling me 'it's over' after 6 years
Being injured for months
Being unemployed

Run my first marathon in sub 3:30
Try and stay injury free
Find a nice girl that won't get bored with me
Do my first tri
Find a job

20/11/2009 at 08:02

The good stuff:
10k PB
Getting married (after biking to the loch to meet the minister and my friend, just the 2 of us!)
The post wedding party
Getting back up!

The no so good stuff:
Working too hard and going under
Losing my mojo for a few months
Pulling out of HM due to illness

2 marathons in 5 weeks (Lochaber and Edinburgh) & hopefully a sub 4
1:45 half marathon
Stay happy!

20/11/2009 at 08:15


First HM

two new 10k PB's


Health has taken a dive of late

20/11/2009 at 09:36


Taking up running seriously and racing again. 

Surprising myself over 800m

Representing England o35's at tennis

Cambs County Mile holder


Bad knees all year including 3 weeks missed training.

Still relatively weak at any distance over 3k. 

First time in over 10 years I didn't travel abroad.


Win British Masters indoor 3k

Medal at over 35's Euro Champs in 1500m

PR over at least 5 distances

Full year of injury free training against a serious plan

Edited: 20/11/2009 at 09:37
20/11/2009 at 11:29

The Good

Running Stratford & Abingdon Marathons

Kicking up a big fuss about iPod use during Abingdon Marathon then feeling like a plonker

Running Abingdon Marathon without an iPod and still getting a sub4

Getting back into the game & feeling on top again after coming back from injury

Going along to local running club & enjoying some company whilst I run

Collecting new medals

Putting my foot down when I worked at a (crap) company and when they were all going out for lunch, I politely declined. 'Why? What have you got planned that's so important?' they said - 'I'm going to the running shop'. End of.

The Bad

Black toenail came off whilst swimming

Getting run over whilst running - got knocked by a car and ended up flat-out on the pavement

Having to phone for an ambulance due to severe stomach pains after a run - hyperventilating, blood pressure/HR through the roof - scary stuff

The Ugly

Getting a femoral stress fracture a week after running a Marathon PB at Stratford and spending weeks hobbling round on crutches in the sun

Having said femoral stress fracture diagnosed as something completely different by a man who I can only describe as looking like he should be skull-capped and reading aloud from the Tanakh, insert a gigantic needle right into the sight of pain. Maybe he wasn't so holy after all.

20/11/2009 at 12:48
The good stuff:
A new mara PB
Found some great new places to run
Joined a new gym and enjoy going

The bad:
4 months not running due to PF
Could have got a better mara PB - not what I'm capable of

A year off racing and just going back to running for fun.
20/11/2009 at 14:24
The good:

A healthy year after stomach problems the previous year.
Really getting into running, and managing three half marathons.
Also joining a gym, and pushing myself.

The bad:

Not managing to shift any of the weight that I wanted to.
Five weeks out with a hamstring.


Get a few pounds off, and crack the 2 hour half.

20/11/2009 at 14:58

The good:

On my 4th attempt, getting a place in VLM
Finally getting help from my doctor/NHS to help sort out my dodgy leg
Getting more into running and starting to feel like a runner

The bad:

Making excuses not to run early on in the year
Pulling out of Silverstone HM due to injury
BLISTERS! The misery of my life at the mo.


Complete and enjoy my first marathon (VLM!)
Take part in more races and spread them out better throughout the year.

20/11/2009 at 16:23

The good (not necessarily in order of preference!)

- 20 fell races, one road race

- 48 miles from home to in-laws' house across the Pennines

- 97 mile cycle sportive and 30 mile mtb race

- Cycling 6 hilly miles each way to work pretty much every day

- Wife had our baby

The bad

- No time to run since nipper (5 runs in 4 months!)

- Cracking foot on a rock in Edale Skyline and having to hobble last 3 miles in delirious agony

- Um, not much more. I'm lucky to have had an ace year.


- Lots of short races (no time to train for longs ones any more!)

20/11/2009 at 16:30

Good: 5K PB, 10K PB, 10 mile PB, HM PB. Buying a bike.

Bad: Realising I had pSVT which wrecked a couple of big races. Also, peaking in March and then having niggles and injuries for too many months.

Hopes for 2010: First marathon. Ablation to stop the pSVT.

20/11/2009 at 16:37

good stuff

decided to break away from my counselling work and do something less demanding

rediscovered my love for theatre and music

did my first race in reasonable time.

In spite of COPD lung capacity improved a bit

 a stone lighter

Bad stuff

not as much spare cash

running hit and miss

swine flu

 still smoking

hopes for 2010

no  smoking

my little collectibles business taking off

doing Amsterdam mara

20/11/2009 at 23:09
Harriet, I'm ashamed to say it was purely relentless nagging. And the poor guy is too nice to say an outright no. After saying 'next week' 'after I've shifted my cold' 'when my knee stops hurting' etc etc forever, I finally managed to make him commit to a Sunday and I made sure we went out before anything could pop up. He likes the idea of doing exercise but basically can't be arsed. Not going to give up though. I'm queen bee. I'm always right. And HE WILL RUN!

God, I just read that back and I sound like a bloody nightmare GF. Promise I'm not. honest!

20/11/2009 at 23:28

The good

Shaking off ITB injury and running quicker than ever. PBs at 5,000m, 5k, 10k
Winning my first ever race
Winning my second ever race
Discovering off-road racing and coming 2nd in the Beachy Head marathon
New job

The bad

Bloody ceiling caving in!  Really should get it fixed...
Bloody recession affecting so many people I know
But on the whole, can't complain 


Return to home turf and Champs start in first London Marathon for 3 years.
Best Man for a mate's wedding in Sorrento... and all I'm thinking about is running routes on the Amalfi coast!   ...ok, that and the speech.

20/11/2009 at 23:32
Moraghan - some impressive targets there for the new year.  Good luck!
21/11/2009 at 00:57
Thanks Phil - good luck with your racing too.
21/11/2009 at 11:25
The good:

Finally got myself into a proper training routine, and making some serious progress at every distance.

Getting into the top 15 in the under-20 category in the GSR

Gaining a ton more self-confidence through running and feeling great because of it.

Progressive Nation (one of the greatest nights of my life )

The Bad:

Lateral knee ligament injury in February, kept me out for almost 2 months.

"Friends" who said my running would never account to anything.

Breaking up from a supposedly fine relationship.

Having to work so much harder at University this year.


Silverstone Half - being a fanatical F1 fan, this is a dream come true for me.

Kilomaton in October - I'm using it as a stepping stone for the marathon.

Starting to build towards my first marathon.

Becoming faster and fitter than ever.
Edited: 21/11/2009 at 11:26
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