Marathon shoe panic

Shoe recommendations for marathon please

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19/09/2012 at 10:59

Can you stick with the familiar triumphs and maybe try to re-lace them slightly to relieve some of the pressure? i.e. something like this?

19/09/2012 at 11:52
Thanks singleton, I noticed some other tying methods on there too that look worth a try. No sure though because it's the very top of the shoe round my ankle that's hurting and when I loosen it much my heel starts to slide. Will give it a go though.
19/09/2012 at 11:57
My kinvaras arrived! Wow! Not having handled minimalist shoes before I am amazed at just how light they are! They actually seem more cushioned that I was expecting but you obviously can't really tell till you do some miles. They feel great around the top of my feet though. I'm going to test them out tomorrow on a longish run. Unfortunately I'm supposed to be starting to taper this week so haven't really much opportunity to test them fully or to test my triumphs laced up differently.
20/09/2012 at 15:47
Tried the kinvaras this morning. They were felt fantastic until around the eighth mile when I started to feel twinges in my knee which continued to get a bit worse. Think they will be great once my legs get bit more used to them but suppose i'll have to go back to the triumphs for the marathon after all. I will try lacing them differently to see if it makes a difference. At least I'm fairly confident I would be able to struggle on and complete the marathon even with very sore ankles but if my knee was to give way with the kinvaras I might have to give up!
01/10/2012 at 11:48
Well, after much deliberation I finally decided to go with the kinvaras after all - even tied differently the triumphs were causing ankle pain on short distances. I definitely made the right decision. Completed the marathon yesterday in time of 3 hours 47 mins - very chuffed - especially for my first one and a hilly one at that. The kinvaras felt great, giving a really light feeling to my feet. I did suffer with knee pain and also a little ankle pain around the halfway mark but took some ibuprofen and started alternating the side of the road I was running on as I was running on the left and I think the camber of the road was affecting me. The pain thankfully felt better after a while and i'm just left with the expected muscle pains. All in all I thoroughly recommend the kinvaras though!

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21 to 25 of 25 messages
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