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29/01/2003 at 12:20
Piglet - I'll buy you an Action Pig and then smuggle is past sfh legs by cunningly wrapping it in a pair of wicking briefs. Damn those regs, I say, they're there to be flouted.
29/01/2003 at 12:24
JJ Don't you mean 'the Scottish play'? Some people can be superstitious...

Wee P if you want a game for your sty how about Porktionary?
29/01/2003 at 12:32
sfh legs.
Welcome. I've been looking at a close-up of your mug shot and you don't look quite of this world. Where do you come from? Is it north of Watford? You're not the Inland Revenue man that's following me are you?
29/01/2003 at 12:44
Desert Fox.
Us Virgos (yesterday's postings q.v.) have to be superstitious otherwise our luck might change and the Zodiac wiould be one short.
Anyway, I quite like that Lady Macbeth woman. Pushy broad she is. Seems quite clear about what she wants in life. I saw her in a building in Stratford and she looked quite dishy as well.

What's all this got do with running?
29/01/2003 at 12:47
Yeh, JJ, but what about the damn spot?
Helen W, if you're about, I'd love to hear how your visit to Ron the Pod went...
29/01/2003 at 12:48
It's gone out. It got fed up with being yelled at.
29/01/2003 at 12:54
Hi JJ - are you telepathic in saying 'us virgos' as I'm one of those (virgos I mean of course). My running times are also remarkably similar to yours.

OMG I'm a clone. Or he's my dad...
29/01/2003 at 13:01
Desert Fox
I've checked the list and I don't think I'm your dad but I used to practice being a milkman so anything's possible.
If you'd like to raise the matter at a family meeting I'd be happy to attend and see if anyone recognises me.
Anyway, it's not possible 'cos I'm a VIRGO see! Get It?
29/01/2003 at 13:03
No. I'm one too.
29/01/2003 at 13:05
Going to a meeting in a minute (I called it) so will be quiet for about three days or until the meeting comes up with my ideas - whichever is the earlier.
29/01/2003 at 14:18
Quicker meeting than I thought. Those who don't have sugar in their tea/coffee will get two free biscuits a month. Runners will get both.
29/01/2003 at 14:21
Did that come under "Any other biscuits"?
29/01/2003 at 14:27
Don't know. I was asleep. Chairman's privilege. OMG we didn't decide what sort of biscuits! Crisis.
29/01/2003 at 14:29
Let's wind up the Piglet.
Do pork scratchings count as biscuits? Would anyone notice?
29/01/2003 at 14:30
JJ - but runners will hesitate to eat the sugar and biccies.

I, on the other hand, will not, as I am a little piglet.

Therefore, please send all prize sugar and biccies to me :)

29/01/2003 at 14:33
<<<piglet squeals in alarm!>>>

Oh, JJ <tremble>..... I don't like that p...p....po..... nasty word.

<piglet turns tail and trots away, crying>

trot trot trot
trot trot trot
trot trot trot


<sound of distant snuffling>


29/01/2003 at 14:44

As an older runner I would have thought you'd recognise me from when you had to watch tv in the 60's with your brood. Arch enemy of that do-gooding bunch the Tracy gang. Able to control folk with an evil stare and 300000 pages of HR training recommendations as provided by my new disiciple.

Piglet come back, no-one really eats P**** S*****ings, they just talk about them and spit out bits of their teeth. Don't worry - just concentrate on having a good chew on the action pig, or whatever else you want to do to/with him
29/01/2003 at 14:56
sfh legs
I am not just an older runner. I'm a bl**dy old runner. Didn't start a brood until 1970 so was out and about a lot in the swinging 60s. But you're right, I do remember you but you've overdone the eyebrow pencil a bit.

He's right. They're inedible. Stop snivelling and let's have a bit more of the Lady Macbeth. Get an old boar to sort me out.
29/01/2003 at 15:10
<sniffle, snuffle>

<piglet wipes snout on JJ's sleeve>

Ok, then! I'm back!!! Hehe hehehehehe <hic>...

Meerkat - many thanks for the Action Pig wrapped in the HH Wicking Undies: a v. cunning ploy indeed :)

<munch munch>

The Action Pig tastes great, but the HH Wicking Undies are a little bit stringy.

Right, I'm off to relax in the trough with a good book :)
29/01/2003 at 15:12
Got any bits of the wicking undies left?
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