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30/01/2003 at 19:47
That's the trouble with the oldies, they all go home at 7 and don't come out again. Or did you all go to the party at URWFRC without me?
30/01/2003 at 20:11
Well done for running in this weather
30/01/2003 at 20:27
Betcha there won't be one. Enjoy the pub :-)

P.S I was going to say I was stalking you, but then thought they wouldn't find it amusing...
30/01/2003 at 21:05
So how come I'm the only forumite with no snow? Eh??
30/01/2003 at 21:10
Dunno, WP, I've got loads, and a car which is useless in it, couldn't even reverse onto the drive tonight
30/01/2003 at 21:12
JJ, you are safe, I promise.
30/01/2003 at 21:30
Couldn't catch you if I tried ;-)
30/01/2003 at 21:42
btw, you didn't tell them that we weren't bullying you...
30/01/2003 at 21:44
Gis a glass jonny!
30/01/2003 at 22:01
Nope, they've all gone again...
30/01/2003 at 22:06
JJ come back, you have visitors
30/01/2003 at 22:16
Yeah he saw who and thats why he went away!!!

30/01/2003 at 23:03
Hello folks! I saw Foggygoggle had posted earlier, and someone rallied us on the US site, so here I am. I hope everyone is well!
30/01/2003 at 23:06
Hello Witchy, did you come over by broomstick?
30/01/2003 at 23:06
This is GREAT
Call the UN
30/01/2003 at 23:13
Is there any other way to fly? I think NOT. :)
31/01/2003 at 09:15
Morning all. First up am I??

Wonder what Everard will make of these Americans. Bet he'll be of the "over-paid, over-sexed and over" persuasion (Bilious excepted of course)

Mind you , he could have a point. I see wee piglet has taken to chewing gum and is flaunting her new nylons!!
31/01/2003 at 09:15
"over here" (doh!)
31/01/2003 at 09:32
Morning Chimp. Just nipped over to the US - has Billow exploded yet? Could find no sign of debris.
31/01/2003 at 09:37
Morning meerkat. Dont think Billow will be back.

Not unless she can get the French and Germans on board that is.

Whats the url address for RWUS BTW? I went in through wee piglet yesterday (in a manner of speaking) and I'll never find the hyperlink now. Should have added it to my favourites while I was there really. I'm not the brightest. (sigh!)
301 to 320 of 139,132 messages
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