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27/01/2003 at 17:37
Thats ok Norah.
27/01/2003 at 17:39
Hey this new thread is so totally different from JohnnyJ's last one isnt it?

I mean, that was sooooooo last week.
27/01/2003 at 17:42
Think I'll shuffle off before I upset anybody else, see you t'morrow folks!
27/01/2003 at 17:45
Come back Norah!! Have a cuddle!

27/01/2003 at 18:01

Thats torn it.
27/01/2003 at 18:09
What have you torn???????/
27/01/2003 at 18:10
I've made Norah cry.

I'm a pig!
27/01/2003 at 18:15
chimp, you're confused, you're a monkey,not a pig - don't upset wee piglet too!
27/01/2003 at 18:19
Fair point Ironwolf.

Hey I looked on wee piglet's web-site today. Guess what? (whispers) she's not a real piglet. Dont tell her I told you though.
27/01/2003 at 18:29
Shh...guess what? I'm not a wolf either.
27/01/2003 at 18:30
No, of course you aren't.

You're an Ironwolf

(do I look daft??)
27/01/2003 at 18:40
TANSTAAFL's my motto, JJ.

Uh - chimp, do I have to answer that?
27/01/2003 at 18:42
Please, no war talk, I get enough of that at work
27/01/2003 at 18:48
It's leed as in 'leader' - but who said that's my real name?
27/01/2003 at 19:03
A winner?? (chimp scratches head)

Ah yes, I remember them.

Hey it was nice going to York Racecourse yesterday and not going home skint!
27/01/2003 at 19:48
No JJ the brass monkey race started/finished there.

Like the cut and paste idea.

I've asked Ron how he gets about it.
27/01/2003 at 19:50
Hey JJ - of course I know my own name, it's you who doesn't.
27/01/2003 at 20:41
Got to go curl up with my hot water bottle and the wolf pack.
G'night all.
27/01/2003 at 21:22
Hi JJ,

35:20 on my watch so I guess it was short. Bin busy today going to the gym as the weather was fine and then visiting hospital to reassure myself that there were others in a worse state than me.

Just got to the end of page one so must carry on catching up.
27/01/2003 at 21:28
Evening all
41 to 60 of 144,760 messages
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