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24/09/2004 at 11:24

don't know actual distances used lamposts as markers from second one to fifth one then back down to second again. Hard work - keep running out of air!!

Then we did 5 times up a hill about 200 -300m

knackered but easier than when i did it last week so some thing must be working.
24/09/2004 at 11:25
Yes, I'm afraid I have a severe case of SARS.
24/09/2004 at 11:47
I think "sick" was the word that was used, Jon ;o)
24/09/2004 at 11:50
(Begins final death throes)
24/09/2004 at 11:53
Jon - Any idea how long 'final death throes' will last? I do not want to appear callous, but I need to get ready for work. However, I do wish to pay my respects to the dearly departed's family.
24/09/2004 at 11:56

Hi Jim, how's you?
24/09/2004 at 12:30
Just drink a toast to the dear departed and leg it. He won't know.
24/09/2004 at 12:30
Idle b*gger.
24/09/2004 at 12:34
Jon - You are looking better. Youth! You guys bounce back from ANYTHING. Actually, I am fine. Hope things are looking up for you.

Kerm - I wish to apologise for 'bragging' yesterday. I hate individuals who brag. However, I will open any of your jars, even if I have to use a hammer.

Having stated the above, I will brag on my run this morning. I did speedwork. I won't bore you with numbers, such as pace and time of endurance/stamina, but I was impressed. If I could hold that blinding speed for 359 more minutes, I could run ABO without being jerked off the road. AND, if I lose another ounce or so, it might only take 359 total minutes. I know THAT thought is preposterous, but a guy has to dream.

Have a great weekend! Good luck to you runners and racers!
24/09/2004 at 12:36
JJ - As usual, you are correct. Jon won't know, but his lovely young widow or sister will. Of course, knowing my luck, he's an orphan, who is single.
24/09/2004 at 12:39
I think he's too old to have any sympathy for anyway.
24/09/2004 at 12:39
JJ, yes please.
24/09/2004 at 13:07
Kermie, chuckle, you should add 'unless it's dark"!

Jon, get yourself a 'light box' and stop whining ;-)

JimC, good run. Well done.

Lovely run myself. 5.5 miles with a 1 mile down and a 1 mile up in it. It's so warm. Knee felt quite good (I'm reluctant to remove the word 'quite' in case I jinx it) and I've stretched and iced it.
24/09/2004 at 13:24
Red - You are running well. Glad that the knee is behavin'.
24/09/2004 at 13:31
hi folks, is something the matter with jon, he looks a funny colour?

im feeling a bit worried hearing about all your good runs, got the GNR on sunday and i have only done a 3 mile plod on tuesday but i did walk round london yesterday, looked in all the posh car shops on park lane and wondered if they would call the dogs if i went in and asked for a price list! good luck all racers for the weekend, Mystic wind and i are off oop north tonight so will post after weekend.

have a good weekend everyone
24/09/2004 at 13:36

LO Caramac

Jonno is just looking for sympathy and has been heavy-handed with the make-up this morning.

JJ - Three runs for the week but they were particularly bad ones. I do think it was down to not feeling great though so I can only but improve.

24/09/2004 at 13:36
Cara - Good luck to you and Mystic Wind! Run strongly and smoothly! Have a great race and trip! BTW, what colour is Jon?
24/09/2004 at 13:46
It's a new shade called 'oxygen'.
24/09/2004 at 13:47
I've got it all round the house.
24/09/2004 at 13:49
Well done on the speed training btw. You will need to start Abingdon with the whippets.
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