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24/09/2004 at 14:07
JJ - It's not nice to make fun of the less fortunates. I will probably go to the rear of the group. In fact, I may as well get in the car that brings up the rear.

New shade - You guys are way ahead of us. If our oxygen is coloured, it's dangerous to breathe.
24/09/2004 at 14:07
Good afternoon all!

goslo tries not to spray everyone with crumbs from yummy french bread . . .
24/09/2004 at 14:08
(Passes away quietly on his own)
24/09/2004 at 14:22
Actually, goslo, spray a little in my direction. I will not take offence. Do you have any extra butter?

Jon - I will miss you. Not saying that you are overly dramatic, but I wonder if you died to avoid your long run this weekend. I guess we will never know. If Hips is around, maybe she will yell 'Stat' or 'Clear' and shock you. I've seen that on 'ER'.
24/09/2004 at 14:28
JimC-I was going to answer Jon,but as he's passed away there didn't seem to be much point . . .
Yup-lots of yummy french bread and butter left-Here you go . . . I'm tempted to have another piece myself ,but my marathon top arrived today and I don't want to bulge out of it a week on Sunday . . .
24/09/2004 at 14:30
YIIIIKES ! ! ! !

Did I say a week on Sunday???????????????????????
24/09/2004 at 14:31
Pass the smelling salts . . . . . . .
24/09/2004 at 14:37
goslo - You will be fine, once the gun goes off. The butterflies disappear and it's just another long run with lots of running partners. I'm sure that you are excited about the race. Good luck! For the record, Jon is probably like the soap opera stars. They keep returning from the dead. Well, that happens on our side of the pond.
24/09/2004 at 14:43
Thanks JimC-I AM looking forward to it,but I wish I'd got some longer runs in-and my lack of sleep is getting me down as I feel so tired all the time . . .

You're right-I'm sure we haven't heard the last of Jon (0:
24/09/2004 at 14:43
who shot JR?
24/09/2004 at 14:50

Hi Hippo-What kind of day are you having?
24/09/2004 at 14:57
A dentist makes a water feature out of extracted teeth.
The Council tell him to remove it saying"You can't make a fountain out of a molar hill"

Sigh-That was terrible!
24/09/2004 at 14:58
The other one I heard today was even worse . . . .
24/09/2004 at 14:58
hm, pretty poo, but whats new
argh the phone
24/09/2004 at 14:59
I'm sure Jim and I wouldn't mind if you bulged just a little.

Hi Benzy. How did your lecture go?
Do you want Jon's kidneys btw? They're probably a bit past their sell-by date though.
24/09/2004 at 15:02
JJ-In that case I'll have another piece (0;
24/09/2004 at 15:09

Maturites racing calendar 2004 ONLY for now.
Join us at the races.

Little Fat Welshman..Jungle Marathon

Hippo..Windsor half
Chimp..Kirkstall 10k
caramac and mystic wind.. GNR
LL.. Yorkshire Three Peaks (walk)

JJ.. Southend 10k
meerkat.. Southend 10k
Pammie.. Southend 10K
Chimp..Horsforth 10k
RogerDodge.. Cardiff Half
caramac and mystic wind..Felixstowe half
Hippo..Cardiff marathon
LL.. My 40th Birthday
Redhead..Loch Ness Marathon
Goslo..Loch Ness Marathon
MikeForg..Alton Downlands 10k trail
Kermit..Abbots Langley Tough 10(k)

JJ.. Quest 10k (Ashford Kent)
Chimp..Bronte Way Trail 9
RogerDodge.. Great Sarf Run
DDP .. great Sarf Run
Empty .. great Sarf Run
Hippo .. Kenilworth 'arf
meerkat and Helephant.. Hatfield 10k

JJ.. Cabbage Patch 10 mile
ceal.. Cabbage Patch 10 mile
goslo..Woburn Rhino Run 10k

Chimp..Withen Skyline Fell Race (7)

Hippo & Ironwolf..Dublin mara

ceal..Serpie 5k
meerkat (marshall) Serpie 5k

Little Fat Welshman ..KIMM (Brecon Beacons)

JJ ..Wilmington 10k

Chimp..Guy Fawkes 10
hippo.. Stevenage mara??
Kermit.. Marlow 1/2m
Redhead..Senlac Arrows Club 10mile

Redhead .. Bexhill 1/2 marathon
Kermit..Bexhill 1/2m

JJ ..Brighton 10k
Roger Dodge .. Brighton 10k
goslo....Brighton 10k
ceal...Brighton 10k
meerkat .. Brighton 10k
LL .. Brighton 10K
Redhead ..Brighton 10k
MikeFrog.. Brighton 10k

Little Fat Welshman..Something special (details to follow)

Chimp..Abbey Dash 10k
caramac and mystic wind.. hadleigh 10 miles
Empty.. Hayling 10m

Hippo-Luton mara?
ceal Victory 5 mile Portsmouth
DDP - Victory 5 mile Portsmouth
Empty - Victory 5 mile Portsmouth
JJ..Grim 8

Empty..David Lloyd 5k, Southampton
MikeFrog..David Lloyd 5k, Southampton

19/12 Redhead..Plumpton XC

20/12 (roughly)
Kermit..Cliveden XC

Redhead..Crowhurst 5 mile handicap

Any more? This year only.

24/09/2004 at 15:43
the lecture
well, it went
Dont suppose it was appreciated though
24/09/2004 at 15:47
It probably changed someone's life for ever.
24/09/2004 at 15:50
now then JJ
I never hit any one during it
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