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24/09/2004 at 15:51
Off to tart meself up and head for the Lunnon social.
Have a great weekend folks.

At least Jon won't need a beer.
24/09/2004 at 15:52
I'm only bloody well pretending.

Actually, a pal has said it's actually ebola manifested in a cold, so there.

24/09/2004 at 15:58
That was a remarkable recovery Jon!

Lucky you JJ-Have a good one (0;
24/09/2004 at 15:58
Hi Benz, I'm sure your lecture was appreciated. Thanks for your words of support, btw.

JJ, as you do not appear to have a race on 14 November you could accompany us to the Bexhill 1/2. Whispers to Kermie "I think he's scared we might beat him".

Goslo, no-one will notice your bulges - they'll be too busy laughing at my spare tyre, which looks particularly fetching when clothed in lycra.

Caramac and Mystic Wind, good luck for the GNR. I'm sure you'll enjoy the day.

I wonder how LFW is getting on with his jungle marathon.

Jon, lest we forget you I've erected one of those lovely roadside shrines that you see so much of these days. Unfortunately, a passing dog has relieved himself on the flowers so they've wilted a bit. Oh and somebody has nicked the toy minky too. There's still the tasteful cross that I made out of some oak twigs. Oh dear, a tractor has just mounted the verge and flattened the whole lot. Never mind, hey!
24/09/2004 at 16:09
Lucky the mention of Beer revived you Jon!

Hi Redhead-I can't believe'you know what' is nearly upon us!
24/09/2004 at 16:18
Goslo, DON'T. I keep wibbling and had to have a talking to from JJ and Meerkat last night! At least you've already done one marathon so you know what to expect - no, I take that back, that's probably scary too. I'm just so scared that my knee will pack in and I have to drop out. I haven't even begun to worry about all the other things that could happen! Oh, and the stupid baggage handlers at Gatwick are proposing another strike next Thursday so that will probably impact on our flight on Friday.
24/09/2004 at 16:27
Iknow-the list is endless isn't it?
And yes-it is scary now I know!

I've had problems with my left calf and it's always in the back of my mind it could go at any time(as it has b4)
24/09/2004 at 16:37
Red - You are ready. Don't sweat the what-ifs and maybes. You will be fine. I thought your roadside memorial was tastefully done. Would you like to release your race number so we can check results? No prob if not.

Jon - IT'S A MIRACLE!!! Welcome back to the land of the living. Hey, you should celebrate. Why don't you run Brighton? There are several others who have already registered. Well, that's what the calendar says.

24/09/2004 at 16:51
Red-Don't take any notice of me-you are much fitter than I am.I haven't been able to do the longer runs and am only at Half-mara fitness ))0;
24/09/2004 at 17:11
JimC, thanks pet. My number is 662 and if you're checking the results then I'll be in the last few :-)

Goslo, I don't believe you. I bet you're one of those speedy whippets that sprint off up the hills whilst I waddle along ;-)
24/09/2004 at 17:16
I wish-this isn't a good area for hill work-and why do you think I call myself goslo . . . . . . ?

-and goslings waddle ((0:
24/09/2004 at 17:52
Evening all, at least those who're not guzzling at the social!

Good luck to all who are racing this weekend, and those who are training - run strong.

I've got a mountainous 10km tomorrow morning, well it's actually only about 9.8km but since it's all uphill it counts the same in my book. Going to try (yet again) to break an hour for it - hope springs eternal!
24/09/2004 at 19:20
D-b IW - Good luck! Hope all goes smoothly. Just keep moving, hopefully, UP! Have a nice weekend!
24/09/2004 at 19:45

Thought i'd better update this list, saying i've enered another one.

Maturites racing calendar 2004 ONLY for now.
Join us at the races.

Little Fat Welshman..Jungle Marathon

Hippo..Windsor half
Chimp..Kirkstall 10k
caramac and mystic wind.. GNR
LL.. Yorkshire Three Peaks (walk)

JJ.. Southend 10k
meerkat.. Southend 10k
Pammie.. Southend 10K
Chimp..Horsforth 10k
RogerDodge.. Cardiff Half
caramac and mystic wind..Felixstowe half
Hippo..Cardiff marathon
LL.. My 40th Birthday
Redhead..Loch Ness Marathon
Goslo..Loch Ness Marathon
MikeForg..Alton Downlands 10k trail
Kermit..Abbots Langley Tough 10(k)

JJ.. Quest 10k (Ashford Kent)
Chimp..Bronte Way Trail 9
RogerDodge.. Great Sarf Run
DDP .. great Sarf Run
Empty .. great Sarf Run
Hippo .. Kenilworth 'arf
meerkat and Helephant.. Hatfield 10k

JJ.. Cabbage Patch 10 mile
ceal.. Cabbage Patch 10 mile
goslo..Woburn Rhino Run 10k

Chimp..Withen Skyline Fell Race (7)

Hippo & Ironwolf..Dublin mara

ceal..Serpie 5k
meerkat (marshall) Serpie 5k

Little Fat Welshman ..KIMM (Brecon Beacons)

JJ ..Wilmington 10k

Chimp..Guy Fawkes 10
hippo.. Stevenage mara??
Kermit.. Marlow 1/2m
Redhead..Senlac Arrows Club 10mile
Pammie .. Rainforest Foundation 10k

Redhead .. Bexhill 1/2 marathon
Kermit..Bexhill 1/2m

JJ ..Brighton 10k
Roger Dodge .. Brighton 10k
goslo....Brighton 10k
ceal...Brighton 10k
meerkat .. Brighton 10k
LL .. Brighton 10K
Redhead ..Brighton 10k
MikeFrog.. Brighton 10k

Little Fat Welshman..Something special (details to follow)

Chimp..Abbey Dash 10k
caramac and mystic wind.. hadleigh 10 miles
Empty.. Hayling 10m

Hippo-Luton mara?
ceal Victory 5 mile Portsmouth
DDP - Victory 5 mile Portsmouth
Empty - Victory 5 mile Portsmouth
JJ..Grim 8

Empty..David Lloyd 5k, Southampton
MikeFrog..David Lloyd 5k, Southampton

19/12 Redhead..Plumpton XC

20/12 (roughly)
Kermit..Cliveden XC

Redhead..Crowhurst 5 mile handicap

Any more? This year only.
24/09/2004 at 20:59
Have a good weekend everyone.

Good luck all who are running this weekend.

Goodnight (0:
24/09/2004 at 23:38
Good luck to all! I hope I will be able to start joining in races sometime next year.
25/09/2004 at 05:45
Good morning world! Hope all is well. We just got in from the football game, so thought I would say hi. Have a great day!
25/09/2004 at 05:51
Good morning JimC and all!
Cuppa and out . . . .
25/09/2004 at 06:28
Quiet in ere this morning!

Guess a few peeps got a pickle peeved at the soc last pm? (0:

Off out
25/09/2004 at 06:47
Morning all < said quietly >

Bit K-nacked after yesterday's garden clearance - sharp intake of energy drink should sort it out.

Gorn runnin'
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