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25/12/2012 at 11:07
Time for a run in the rain enjoy your day if not working had a 52 anniversary do for my parents so feeling full today. Stay safe and no falling over if you can help it.
Bionic Ironwolf    pirate
25/12/2012 at 13:27

OT, I agree with JJ, never say never. I'm now on my way back from my hip replacement and have run 3 times (once today!)

TE, take care and just relax over Christmas.

Raining here too, it wasn't when I went for my run with the dogs but LJS is out now with Nemo running 10km, it's raining steadily. Charly is helping me with getting the Christmas dinner ready!

Best Christmas wishes to everyone!

25/12/2012 at 20:43

Evening all,

Hope you've all had a nice day.  I'm stuffed!  I ran just 3 miles this morning in torrential rain which made me feel virtuous.  Tomorrow I shall have to run off all the excess calories I've eaten today 

Mark, congratulations to your parents!

IW, hope the doggies enjoyed their Christmas dinner too.

Bionic Ironwolf    pirate
25/12/2012 at 21:12

Red - oh yes, they certainly did! Turkey is one thing that Nemo can eat in spite of his allergies (beef, lamb, veal, chicken, reindeer, pork, rice, wheat, rye, egg, milk).

Have a very happy and peaceful holiday everyone.

26/12/2012 at 10:03

Morning all,

Oh my, it's such a beautiful day at the moment with a blue sky and wintery sun.  Intervals for me at some stage later but for now it's craft-time 

Bionic Ironwolf    pirate
26/12/2012 at 15:37

Showers here still but very sporadic and light. Went swimming this morning, it was really busy even in the two fast lanes where we always swim. 2000m easy workout for me, 3000m for John.

27/12/2012 at 09:34

Morning all,

Didn't run yesterday after all as we had unexpected visitors.  'Twas OK as I'd run 4 days in a row anyway. Intervals today instead to try and work off the lard! 

27/12/2012 at 11:15

A belated Merry Christmas to everyone.

You can certainly have a day off Red. I'd planned both a Christmas day and Boxing day run, but had to abandon the idea, as I'm so full of post-cold mucus (sorry!) I need to fit in 8 miles before the end of the year to get to my 1000, and am sure I'll manage that somehow, even if slowly.

TE, bad luck on having such an unpleasant fall. Glad the damage turned out to be minor. I know how it can shake you up, and actually had a good cry the last time it happened to me, which probably helped!

Great that you're back out IW.

Nice to see you again OT, and I agree - never say never.

Good long run there sarnie.

I also really enjoyed Strictly this year. The final three were all really good.

28/12/2012 at 09:55

Morning all,

Same to you Diana 

It is so dreary today.  Just as well my friend's on her way round for coffee, cake and catch-up!  Will run later and no doubt get very wet.

Bionic Ironwolf    pirate
28/12/2012 at 14:34

We both got very wet - in the swimming pool! Today was good, not too crowded and our fast lanes 1 & 2 only had 2 other swimmers when we got in - another 3 joined us later but still plenty of space for everyone to do their own program. We all swim up lane 1 and back down lane 2 so nobody gets in anyone else's way. I did 2400m and John swam 3800

28/12/2012 at 14:40

Back in the land of the living. Had a major cold and cough all over Christmas and spent too much time sitting in M25 traffic jams. A 90 minute journey yesterday took 4 hours.

Hope all had a great time.

'Twasn't at posh daughter's posh house. 'Twas at untidy son's untidy house.

28/12/2012 at 15:08

Hope you all had a terrific Christmas. Spent the Christmas period with my Daughter and her fiance, and also spent time with my Son and his fiance. I took you good peoples advice, and didn't run at all. I did do some dog walking though.

I am now back to earth, and will get out into the forest tomorrow, to get back into serious training for next year.

28/12/2012 at 18:50

Back home today after a really good Christmas (at Elder Daughter's posh house!). Ran on Wandsworth Common on Boxing Day and reached my 700th mile for 2012, so pleased about that. Managed to see all my children over Christmas (most of them on Christmas Day, Eldest Son on 27th as he and his wife had spent the day itself at her parents'). Ate a great deal, drank a lot more than I usually do, had a lovely time playing with 15-month old grand-daughter. 

Six of us played Monopoly on Christmas night, and at one point all my children were howling at me "Mum, you're a retard!" (even my S-i-L said I was a retard, which I thought was a bit thick - but he had had quite a lot to drink, and people get very passionate about Monopoly) ... But guess who won in the end?

TE, that sounded like a really nasty fall, but I see you haven't been put off by it.

OT, good to see you back. 


28/12/2012 at 21:32

Columba, thankfully the fall hasn't put me off, and now after a few days of enjoying the festivities of Christmas, am looking forward to donning the trainers again tomorrow.

29/12/2012 at 12:13

Afternoon all,

Run done, just 3 miles at 9 min miling, mostly into the howling gale!  Longer one planned for tomorrow but must get out nice and early as it's our wedding anniversary 

Nice to see everyone back safe and sound, although perhaps travel weary.

Columba, cheeky blighters!  Glad you beat them in the end 

JJ, Christmas + the M25 are not a good combo!

29/12/2012 at 14:02

Hello, can I join you?  I got my bus pass 5 years ago but am still using my feet!  I need lots of support because I have a place in the London marathon 2013 and I REALLY want to do it. I have managed the odd half (slowly) in the last 3 years.  I have never finished one feeling that I could go much further so this is a challenge and a half!  Any encouragement/advice would be so appreciated.  By the way, I have posh daughters and untidy sons too. Is this a universal rule?!

29/12/2012 at 16:03

Hi Matsmum and welcome to the thread!  Excellent news that you've got a place in VLM next year - sadly, I'm taking  a break from it and doing Brighton instead so I won't see you there.  There's a wealth of experience and lots of good advice on here so please feel free to ask any questions you like.

You'll need to give us some background information though -

- Shines floodlight into Matsmum's face -

Have you chosen a marathon schedule yet?  If not then there are plenty of good ones on this website and you'd be best with a beginners schedule.  Most schedules are for 16 weeks so you need to get started asap.  What is your fastest time for a recent 1/2 marathon and how long ago was your last one?  How many days do you train each week?  How long have you been running?  

Sorry for the interrogation, but your answers will help everyone chip in with their ideas for you 

JJ, are there still places for the TWells 1/2?

29/12/2012 at 16:19

Welcome to the thread Matsmum, we are always pleased to get new posters and hope you will be a regular. Most of us on here have run many marathons so will be pleased to advise, where possible.

I ran a very encouraging 5 miles on road this morning, the first since last Sundays forest 10 miler, where I had my fall. I was surprised to find that I didn't appear to have lost any fitness, and ran easily, feeling light on my feet. I hadn't put on any weight over the Christmas, so perhaps that was why.

I'm looking forward to watching Superstars 2012 this evening, where our Olympic Champions will be taken out of their comfort zones.

29/12/2012 at 17:40

Woo this is great! Thanks you two for your quick response, much appreciated. I started running properly (!) in 2009 after my son died in a car crash on Good Friday of that year, to try to bring myself some healing.  I did the Run to the Beat and finished in 2.28. I could hardly breathe with the emotion of it all and after mile 8 it was sheer obstinacy that got me round. Then in Nov. I did a local one and finished in 2.17.  Another Run to the Beat in 2011 which I did in 2.34, much longer, but no pressure this time. Once I knew I had a place in 2013 I stepped up my running and was running 13 miles for my long run a couple of weeks before Christmas, but then norovirus reared its ugly head....I escaped, but there was a lot of nursing to do. Plus all my children and grandchildren came for Christmas (22 in all including me and my husband) and I haven't run at all since. I am well aware I should be out instead of talking to you!!!!  Am starting tomorrow. I thought I would follow the beginner schedule in the acceptance magazine. Also I have booked myself into pilates classes in the new year. And I am going to eat HEALTHILY !!! By the way, my son's name was (is) Matthew, hence my nickname.




29/12/2012 at 22:31

Cold disappearing but no running yet. I shall restart on 1st Jan.

Welcome. Tell me a few things and I'm sure we can cobble together some info for you.
How many days a week do you want to train? What sort of time do you feel you could aim for?  Does your present running include any formal training like speed sessions, hill reps or is it just general purpose running?

With 22 for Christmas you must have used enough energy to run a marathon.

It takes about 3 weeks of idleness before fitness begins to take a significant dive. That doesn't mean though that you can maintain fitness by running once every 3 weeks!

Places for the T.Wells 1/2m are still available but it fills up very quickly from now on. Let me know if you get any difficulties in gettng a place.

Edited: 29/12/2012 at 22:34
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